Turbo Theme Review:  Is it the Best Theme for Shopify?

Websites should fully load in an average of 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile. Ideally, a website must load in less than three seconds. A particular survey says that almost 40% of potential shoppers leave the site if it takes more than five seconds to load. That's a massive number of sales attributed to the site's meager performance. Thus, 40% is enough to convince anyone to pay attention to page loading speed.

In this technologically advanced era, businesses lose more because of poor digital performance. Also brought about by technology, people seem to have shorter patience, making them leave the site if it takes too long to load. They'd rather shop to competitors with better website optimization. Hence, site performance is crucial as it creates a significant surge of visitors that can be converted to sales.

How to address page loading speed? There are tons of solutions directed to improve the loading of a site. However, site owners must be mindful of choosing the tool to implement since a couple of factors affect loading speed. Although sometimes, it just lies in the applied theme.

To avoid site abandonment, especially for Shopify shops, consider using Turbo Theme.  The Turbo theme is designed for to improve site performance through speed and mobile optimization.

In this review, we will highlight Turbo Theme and its advantages over other Shopify themes available in the market.


Stunning and Ultra-Fast Theme to Boost Conversion

What is Turbo Theme?

Turbo theme is a Shopify theme developed by Out of the Sandbox, an award-winning Shopify theme creator. Out of the Sandbox is known to develop the top-reviewed, and some of the best Shopify themes available today.

Turbo Theme for Shopify is developed especially for eCommerce with high volume products and transactions, and those maintaining huge numbers of inventories.  Next to its speed and performance, Turbo is full of in-demand, scalable features like product sliders, mega menus, interactive mini cart, infinite scrolling, customizable page templates, predictive search, custom contact form, quick shop options, and support for Shopify's new Product Media feature.

Although highlighted for high-capacity stores, Turbo Theme is also an excellent theme for a business of any scale, with stunning design and flexible performance.

Turbo Theme comes in six variations – Seoul, Dubai, Florence, Portland, Chicago, and Tennessee. Each of these styles comes with a different set of fonts, page layout, and color palette to cater to the varying taste and brand of each shop owner. However, these themes have similar functionality and features across the board.


Turbo Theme: Seoul Theme Style

Turbo Theme Review

This theme has a minimalist and clean approach of Seoul. With a pleasing neutral color palette, it brings warmth and calmness to the overall feel of the shop. It has an urbane theme that creates a sense of simplicity and gracefulness.

Utilizing a rounded font with a full-width banner, displaying high-quality images is a delight. Images are also enlarged when clicked, should visitors want a more precise, zoomed-in view of the product.

There is a secondary search bar below the fold to support users in navigation and website exploration. Seoul theme allows users to display the newest blog posts and "featured on" logo should businesses would want to highlight any media features.  

Like any other templates, there's a dedicated space for contact information and a short description of the business.

Turbo Theme: Dubai Theme Style

Turbo Theme Review

Bringing the class and strong appeal, the Dubai theme style plays more on the black, white, and delicate colors that scream elegance.

This theme is often plugged as a perfect choice for shops with jewelry and fashion accessories as products. Dubai's full-length slideshow can display HD photos that will magnify the beauty of any piece, may it be diamond or gold.  Its header navigation and drop-down mega menu is a superb tool to categorize each product classification. There is also a promotional banner display perfect for special announcements, events, or discount codes. Each product page has impressive, large-sized photos that are great when emphasizing details.

Buttons can also be added on the slideshow to help users with the conversion. Below the slideshow, shop owners can add featured collections, featured products, secondary slideshow, and latest blog posts.

Same as Seoul it also has an area for business information, as well as social media links, sign-up banner, and links to categories and pages.

Turbo Theme: Florence Theme Style

Turbo Theme Review

If looking for a professional, more balanced theme, then Florence is an excellent choice. With some attributes from Dubai, such as it's color and image highlights, Florence shows a sleek idea perfect for any products.

Underneath the header, there is space for display featured collections on a split-screen, a secondary search bar, and more image boxes that allows shop owners to add texts.

What's great about this theme is that it has the primary testimonial display, feedback form, and sign-up for special offers or exclusive membership.

Turbo Theme: Portland Theme Style

Turbo Theme Review

Focusing more on movement and function, the Portland theme utilizes more on white, thin font style and large images.  This theme is perfect for sporting goods.

It has a visually stunning full-screen banner that creates impact. Below it are display category tiles that can be used for collections, about section or blog page.

This theme is excellent for collection-based release as it can display featured collections, products, secondary slideshow, and image blocks with text. The same as Seoul theme, the Portland theme also has a secondary search bar for better navigation.

One thing that is notable about this theme is that it allows video embedding from Youtube or Vimeo for homepage display.

The footer, the same as other themes, can display more information about the shop. It can also show social icons and payment badges.  


Turbo Theme: Chicago Theme Style

Turbo Theme Review

This theme may appear as the strongest and boldest, among others. With the use of bold colors of black and red, coupled with a masculine font.

It is noteworthy that its full-screen banner can play a video when the banner is clicked. Chicago theme also allows video embedding in that case. Its intuitive header is neat and full of drop-down menus. Below the banner, shops can display featured tiles linked to specific collections or blog pages. There is also a featured product page for best-sellers.

The same as the prior themes, it can also display the latest blog posts and secondary search bar. The footer area also shows links to social media profiles and other information.

Unlike others, though, the Chicago theme can display related products that are perfect for upselling and cross-selling.

Turbo Theme: Tennessee Theme Style

The newest addition to Turbo theme selection. Tennessee has a smooth and relaxed style that mostly plays on white. It has the simplicity that makes use of white space beautifully. The elements looked neat and keeps everything uncluttered, emphasizing more on the products.

Turbo Theme Features

  • Ultra-Speed – As mentioned, Turbo Theme is created for speed and performance. With tons of user experiences and recommendations, Shopify shops swear by it. It is fully optimized, and loads at lightning speed, enough to impress every visitor. The Turbo theme's speed automatically provides an advantage over any competitors.
  • Design – Sleek, chic, sophisticated – and any other things in between. Turbo theme provides an excellent interface and, in turn, a great user experience. Its designs and layouts perfectly fit for every shop's requirements.  Plus, the six variations gives ample option and brand matching for the best shop experience.  
  • Mobile-Friendly – All Turbo themes are mobile-optimized to answer the ever-growing number of mobile users for online shopping. According to Google, an estimate of 60–80% of users come from mobile traffic nowadays, as more people prefer to use mobile when shopping online.
  • Flexible - Although with set parameters for features and elements, all of Turbo themes' variations are pretty flexible. Aside from the basic flexibility feature that comes with it, developers and users can add any category, and change anything immediately. Customize layout according to the brand.
  •  Interactive Mini Shopping Cart – This feature allows an area for your customers to add a note when hovered over.  Whenever a customer makes a purchase or adds any of the items from the website, it automatically opens and adds those items in the cart.

Turbo Theme Pricing

Installation of Turbo Theme costs $350. All the themes carry only a single store license – meaning it is not transferable. It may not be as "affordable," but if shops are considering shopping experience, high-speed loading, and ultimate performance, then it is the best choice there is. Turbo theme is one of, if not the best Shopify theme – thus, worth the investment.

Turbo Theme: Is it worth it?

Based on the surge of confident reviews and recommendations on Shopify, Turbo Theme is definitely worth the investment. Bringing positive user experience and ultra-fast lighting speed, shops would never have to worry about lost sales from poor site performance.  

Over time, the theme's speed and performance power can pay for itself. Turbo theme quickly gives the shop an edge, design-wise, and functions. The fully loaded features and interactive elements boost conversions and maximum engagement.

Have you installed the Turbo theme to your Shopify store? How was it? Let us know your experience in the comment section below!  

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