Hey guys, Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise. And today I'm going to talk about what is high ticket drop shipping and how does it work. So if you're out there wondering what this business model is all about, maybe you heard about it on a webinar or you heard about it from a friend, I'm here today to explain to you really simply what it is exactly and how it works.

So basically the essence of it is as I'm going to draw here on the screen, you have a eCommerce storefront, okay? And it's online only, but it acts just like a regular store. And the cool thing about it is of course that you can take it anywhere with you as opposed to a physical storefront selling products. You have to actually go to that physical storefront every day to sell those products or have somebody be there like an employee.

So, we have, instead of a physical storefront, we have a website. So the website is based on your own domain and it's got a little logo up here and it's got a menu and it's got little products on it, right? So people can go to your website and they can buy products. Now what makes these high ticket drop shipping eCommerce stores unique is that you don't actually have to have your own products. Your products come from a supplier and the supplier is based somewhere in the USA. That's the key. Working with international suppliers work sometimes, but most mostly it's in the US because we're selling to the US market because it's the biggest market. But these suppliers have warehouses in the USA. And a warehouse is just basically a big, big, a big building with a bunch of products in it.

This is like a roll up garage door and they might have an office on the side here with the sales staff, right? And they are at their little desks working all day on their computers and taking phone calls and processing orders so that the products in the warehouse ship out and the UPS truck can come by and pick up the products and ship them to the customer for you. Right. And that's the key. So instead of having a physical storefront, again, you have an eCommerce website and you work with suppliers that have products on the shelf in their warehouse. And those suppliers will ship out the products to your customer who is sitting at home or is on their smartphone and they want to buy a product online and they see your website and they order from your website.

And then you send the order to the supplier and they ship it to the customer's house, which, or their business depending on the niche that you're in, right? And then that customer receives the product. So the UPS driver or the freight truck driver will drop it off to the customer's house and they'll receive the product. And so they get the product on the box. It says it came from either you or the supplier or both. And they'll think that they got it from you or one of your warehouses. And they'll be nice and happy. So I'll draw a little happy face right here because it's a happy customer. Right. And the key here then is how do you get sales? And that's all about driving traffic to your website. So you want to drive traffic to your website, but most people are wondering, number one, how do I drive traffic?

Number two, how do I find out what channels to drive traffic from? And the most profitable ones. You may have heard of things like search engine optimization. You may have heard of keyword research or you may know a little bit already about advertising like Facebook ads or Google shopping ads. Maybe you have some experience doing this already with a different business model. Maybe you did your own products or you're trying a low ticket drop shipping method from China. So the way we drive traffic with high ticket products, specifically tickets that are over, greater than $200 or more is we use Google shopping ads. So Google shopping is really cool, easy thing to get set up with. And let's just say this is a homepage of Google and you have this search bar up here and you have the right side pane over here and you have your search results here, right?

And let's just say you typed bicycle into the search results. What's going to pop up is a little pictures at the very top. Okay, and that's going to show specific products. So if you typed bicycle, you might see a BMX bike, you might see a mountain bike, you might see a road bike. And those products will be up here and in picture form, not just text form like the rest of the results. You might also see a local bike shop show up over here, maybe some local ads, that kind of stuff. But your attention is probably going to be directed towards these first pictures that pop up at the top. And those are called Google shopping ads. Google shopping also has its own little tab at the very top. You can select it next to the web. There's the shopping and then there's maps, images, that kind of stuff.

You can click that, even dive into Google shopping. That's the marketplace we mainly use to drive traffic to our website. Because the thing about keyword research is that people are going to be typing in keywords for these products, but they're not going to make the buying decision within the first 20 minutes of finding your website. They're probably going to take some time to do some research. So you need to be able to rank in Google for many different types of keywords. And this is what I teach how to do in my high ticket drop shipping masterclass. I teach you how to build profitable ad campaigns with Google shopping. And I also teach you how to build optimized eCommerce stores and these are the two key foundations to building an eCommerce business. Secret number one is building an optimized eCommerce store for closing sales and also retargeting people, right? When they land on your websites, they'd come back to it.

And number two is driving traffic with Google shopping ads, profitable little shopping ads. Number three, the secret is to not do all this work yourself 'cause this is a lot of work to do. And what I've been doing over the last half decade with high ticket drop shipping is learning how to outsource and use other people in their time to build my business for me. So what I do is I go to the Philippines or to places like India and I hire workers for pennies on the dollar because to them that's a normal wage and they will sit on their computer all day and build my website for me. And in my masterclass what I've done is I've broken down on Google sheets a whole system and process for building out the website, building out other things like social media and email marketing and things like Pinterest and YouTube. All these different channels that people are on all the time, as well as driving traffic with Google shopping ads and getting those suppliers on board so that we have customers or we have products to market on our website and then those customers will use Google shopping to search.

And then those customers will get the products that they ordered from us. So this in essence is high ticket drop shipping. These secrets of building an optimized website, driving targeted traffic and outsourcing your work so that you can launch faster and be more profitable and kind of live a better lifestyle. Because if you do all this work yourself, you're going to drive yourself crazy mad, especially listing products on your website, doing all the little work that you would have to do if you had zero money starting with this. And if you're watching this webinar and watching this video or listening to this podcast, you probably have money to spend on this. And so it's a really good idea to utilize my resources for these VAs that I've used 'cause they cost pennies on the dollar for how much work they do and they do great work.

And what I've done is I've created job templates so that they know exactly how to do it right the first time. So they add the products to our store correctly, they do content correctly. There's a lot of little nuances that you don't take into consideration when you first get into this business. I've been through a good decade of selling the products online and in that decade I've learned a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot about the process, how to do it right, and I'm constantly improving my masterclass as I go. So it's a really exciting thing for me because as I build out new stores, I create better processes. I update lessons. I update templates. I update the sheets and I hire new VAs to run the processes for me and I teach you guys how to do that as well. So it's a really great thing.

So hope you guys got a lot out of this video. If you're interested in getting started, you can start with my free niches list, initial selection guide. It's at ecommerceparadise.com/99niches. There should be a link above or below this video. You can find that. And as well as that, I have a free mini course, which as soon as you sign up for the niches list, you'll be directed to the mini course. So definitely sign up for that as well. That's an eight video mini course that explains in depth this entire process as well and all the different things about it. And then when you're ready to take action and start building your own store to learn how to build an optimized eCommerce store. Get a theme file that's been customized by me to upload to your website so that your website looks professional right off the bat and you're ready to learn how to drive profitable Google shopping ads and do profitable retargeting through all the other channels out there.

And then when you're ready to get all the templates and processes and systems in place to hire a team of VAs to actually do this work for you, you can sign up for my high ticket drop shipping masterclass. My high ticket drop shipping masterclass is an in depth course and hours and hours and hours of lessons. But it's all step by step, taking you from starting to launching to scaling to six figures a month and beyond. And I've done lots of lots of work to help people. I have so many case studies you can read about them on the sales page for the high ticket drop shipping masterclass. And you can also watch my YouTube videos where I interview them and listen to my podcast episodes where I interview my students that are successful. And I'm really, really excited to help more people. My goal this year in 2019 is to help 150 people build high ticket drop shipping eCommerce stores.

Why is it 150 people? Because that's on average around 10 to 15 per month or more. And that's about the goal that I want to achieve because I don't really want to help a million people. I want to help a select few people who want to work one on one with me. And by that I mean actually getting on Facebook Messenger and messaging me back and forth and getting in touch with me every single day so that you can build, launch and scale a profitable eCommerce store. I don't want students to jump into my course who are just looking for other opportunities and thinking, "Oh, I'll buy it now and then maybe do it in a year or so." I don't really want those students. I want you, if you're committed to getting it done right now. So if this is something that you're actually serious about, then go ahead and get signed up right now.

Get my free niches list and guide, read through that as fast as you can and inculcate your mind with it. Try to understand as much as possible. Get into my mini course and then get into my masterclass. And I have a 30 day challenge waiting for you in the masterclass. So take action every single day for 30 days you will launch your store and after that, take action again every 30 days and you'll scale it and then you'll have a profitable income. And my students' average income from these stores is two to 3,000 on the low end net profit to five or 6,000 or up on the high end. And what would you do with an extra one or $2,000 per month? What would you do with an extra three or $4,000 per month? And when you get up into that level of five or $6,000 per month, can you imagine what your life would be like then?

Could you quit your day job? Could you work from home? Could you let your wife or spouse quit their day job and stay home with the kids and raise them? And could you start traveling more and start seeing other countries and do all the cool stuff that you've always wanted to do? And the answer is yes. And I'm the perfect case study for that. My life began entrepreneurially back in 2004. In my senior year of high school, I took a photography class and my teacher taught us how to sell photography equipment on eBay. And so I started learning all the different things about making a sales page to sell products. And since then I sold tons of products on eBay, both on my own. I did garage sale flipping and stuff like that back in the day. And I also did my own little skateboard brand at one point.

But when I discovered high ticket drop shipping that's when things really took off for me. I discovered that actually I could use suppliers instead of making my own products and I sold them on an eCommerce store, much like Shopify back then. Back in 2010 or 11 and we scaled that business and sold it a few years later for $50,000 and I've actually duplicated that three different times since then. So I have sold four stores now and this is early 2019. So maybe by the time you're watching this video I may have sold another one because this process is so duplicatable. And I decided in 2018 to finally put together a course and a process and templates and sheets so that you can do it yourself as well. Because I have taken everything I've learned and put it all into one place. And it's a lot and I definitely want you to know that there's a lot of work involved.

This is not a get rich quick thing. This is something that you have to put a lot of work and effort into on a daily basis, but it pays off in the long run. Again, the money you make through this business is location independent income. You can make it through me a laptop, you can travel around the world, you can live in Thailand, you can live in Europe, you can travel to South America, wherever you want to go. You can go to those places, run your business from your laptop because you have virtual assistants doing all the nitty gritty day to day work for you. And you only have to pay them 500 bucks a month for customer service and sales. And then you use virtual assistants for doing all the project based work for you as well. And that's pennies on the dollar.

So there are tons of potential here guys. This stuff is happening right now as we speak. My students are sending in screenshots all the time of $1,000 sales, $2,000 sales, $5,000 sales. And it's really exciting. And I have a Facebook group you can be a part of. You just type eCommerce Paradise into Facebook. You'll find that group. And definitely, subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the podcast so you can listen to all the content I create on a daily basis. And if you're interested, again, get into that niche's list so that you can get the mini course and get into the masterclass as quick as possible. Take action guys. Don't hold back and we'll see you in there. Take care.

Trevor Fenner

Founder of eCommerce Paradise. High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Digital Nomad, Skateboarder, Photographer, Tattoo Enthusiast, and Cat Guy. Currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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