Uplifthero Review: Is it the Best Upsell App for Shopify?



It happens all the time – the barista asking if you want your coffee in large or the service staff that suggests to try out the chef’s special. Upselling is a common practice when shooting a chance over a bigger sale.

Not only limited to physical stores, but upselling is also done on several ecommerce websites in the form of post-purchase offers, additional orders while on the checkout page, add to the cart offers, and many others.

On the bottom-line, what is upselling and its difference with cross-selling?

Upsell is a sales strategy that offers a complimentary addition to a specific product that increases its original purchase value. Upsell can be in the form of an upgrade or a special offer along with the main product.  In contrast, cross-selling is basically selling two products that are different but related. 

Applying that in an ecommerce setting, upsell is offering a phone with a lifetime warranty while cross-sell is offering a phone case compatible with the phone.

Usually perceived as something negative by the customers, upsell gives the impression of trying to rip off more money by selling extra unnecessary stuff. This is also why some businesses opt not to employ this strategy to not sound pushy or aggressive, which drives customers away.

But here's the rub: Upsell is an excellent tool that brings in more revenue and customer retention. If done correctly, upsell is an excellent strategy that benefits the business and the customers at the same time. It can be through the way customers spend more than they intend to or the new customers that loved the experience that comes with it. In order to secure the maximum advantage of upselling, a great shopping experience that involves website usage, customer service and product satisfaction must be in place.

The benefits of outstanding upselling are endless. Thankfully, there are optimized upsell apps created to easily set-up and execute strategies.

Moreover, these upsell tools are compatible with dozens of selling apps such as Shopify websites, eBay ecommerce, amazon software, etc.  The availability for integration supports small businesses by easing their troubles on how on upsell correctly.

There are a number of Shopify apps that focus on upsell, but the highlight of this review is a promising sales and conversion optimization app called "Uplifthero."



Uplifthero is an upsell app that features a pop-up free one-click and thank you page upselling. It is an application designed to avoid abandonment and increase average order value (AOV).

Uplifthero Review


Although an upsell app boost value for orders, the consequence of conversion follows. Most of these apps are in forms of pop-ups, which visitors find annoying in most cases, but Uplifthero is an exemption.  

The app efficiently upsells and cross-sells products without meddling on the checkout process or overall customer experience. Uplifthero places these upsells or cross-sell actions in smart and optimized locations where customers can easily recognize before proceeding with the checkout. This gives maximum exposure and a higher chance for successful upsell.



No Annoying Pop-Ups – One-click pop-ups are frequently closed right before the visitor can fully understand the offer. This may be due to the fact that customers perceive pop-ups as annoying, irritating, and unsafe. This bad reputation has been acknowledged as an intrusive cause of visitors leaving the site, losing almost 80% of conversion and potential sales.

Uplifthero tries to eliminate this harmful discernment by introducing pop-ups as an integrated feature and an essential part of the website. 

The one-click upsell pop-up of Uplifthero matches the look and feel of the website. It perfectly adapts to the ecommerce site, so customers don’t notice that it is a form of pop-up after all.

Efficient Boosting of AOV - AOV or average order value is the average total of money each customer spends per transaction to the store. It is a significant metric for ecommerce businesses in scaling profits and revenue growth. 

To increase average order value, ecommerce sites should be able to convince customers to add more into their cart – one way is of course, is through one-click upsell pop-up.

Protecting Conversion Rate – As said earlier, the majority of other upsell apps fulfill the duty of increasing the average order value (AOV). However, often, the conversion rate suffers because of relying too much on pop-ups that irritate visitors. 

Dropping of conversion rate is not a good measure of an ecommerce business that thrives on digital efforts. Thankfully, with Uplifthero – it is not a scenario to worry about.

Uplifthero utilizes routine upsell and cross-sell products for the customers to see. It also smoothly injected the pop-ups in a way that is still cohesive with the page. Uplifthero promises an impressive user experience until checkout even when pop-ups are present.  

Boost your AOV. Join Uplifthero today!

Thank You Page Upsell – Also known as order confirmation page or post-purchase upsell. Uplifthero can reconvert customers through this feature. Since customers check the order status multiple times, there is also a higher chance of noticing the pop-up upsell offer. An example of a post-purchase upsell is a one-time limited offer shown after order completion. This approach effectively increases the order value of each customer.

Uplifthero Review


Leveraging on Ecommerce Motivators – Without any doubt, the free shipping threshold is one of the most powerful ecommerce motivators, along with best prices, convenience, and wide selection.

Uplifthero incentivizes visitors to add more items into the shopping cart with a free shipping offer in return. This strategy effectively increases the order value and a reduced cart abandonment rate, compared with other upsell apps.

Customizable – One great thing about Uplifthero is the app is fully customizable. Depending on preference, the ecommerce site can only do cross-sells on specific products. Sellers can also enable upsell directly from the order confirmation page. The incentives to offer are also given to boost more spend from customers. Moreover, users can tick-off irrelevant upsells and compliment the website's look and feel with a fully customizable pop-up appearance.

Great Alternative for Beeketing and Boostflow App – Since August 2019, Shopify officially stopped working with Beeketing and Boostflow apps. These include the removal of eCountdown Cart, Checkout Boost, or Boost-Sales - Upsell - Cross-sell by Beeketing.

Uplifthero is an excellent replacement if the business previously used apps like ClickFunnels (Click Funnels), Bold Cashier, Carthook, Sweet Upsell, and VITALS.  Also, Checkout X, Hatchful, InterCart, Upsell Bundles, Upsell System, Ultimate Upsell, Magebird, Discounted Upsells, Upsell X, and Zipify OCU.

Integration – Uplifthero is fully compatible and offers effortless integration with Google Analytics. 


Upselling builds a great relationship and loyalty with customers. When done right, upsell benefits in two ways. One, it helps the customers get the most value from the business. Second, businesses earn more revenue and gain better customer retention for the brand.

By employing Uplifthero, ecommerce sites will be able to inject a smart, and perfect upsell strategy into the marketing plan and overall business loop. Aside from gaining a boost in sales, Uplifthero: One-Click Upsell is an excellent assistance to grow and succeed in the ecommerce industry.

What do you think about upselling? Have you tried Uplifhero or similar one-click upsell apps for your brand? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below!

Boost your AOV. Join Uplifthero today!

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