Vimeo Pro Review: Best Video Hosting for Websites


Welcome to an era of visuals and video revolution. Gone are the days where videos are treated as a memoir or just an elevated media for entertainment. Today, a video has become a powerful tool for money-making due to its versatility and effectiveness.

Audiovisual content is one of the most profitable digital marketing assets, as proven by numerous studies and statistics. Why is that? Well, the reason is solely attributed to the human’s highly dominant visual sense. Our brain transmits and receives information largely based on visuals, and we process details better when we see it. Hence, the significant engagement for photo campaigns, and more so, for videos. It attracts an audience, retains customers, and generally more profitable.

There are several reasons why videos are more effective in increasing conversions and organic response. First, moving images catch attention better, as compared to static images or text content. Customers are more comfortable digesting the same amount of information when presented in a video. That is why videos have shown to gather more clicks in PPC ads and mail campaigns.

Moreover, video content is an effective SEO partner. As studies show,  a page that has video content is 53 times more likely to top the SERPs. The use of videos for ecommerce is also proven to build trust and confidence in buying online. Since customers are limited to see and touch the actual products, most of them rely on merchandise videos, wherein they can sense the overall look of the item.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, videos has created a positive effect on ROI.  In fact, based on a study conducted by Wyzowl statistics, 83% of businesses believe that video marketing gives an excellent return on investment.

Convinced? Before hopping on video marketing and content creation, it would be beneficial to explore platforms that are able to provide video solutions that actually grows with the website. This review will focus on a video hosting platform called Vimeo Pro. This blog will dig its notable features, discuss points for preference, and how it can primarily perform as a website partner.

What is Vimeo Pro?

Vimeo Pro Review

Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing, and services platform. It is an optimized online video streaming site for uploading and promotion of videos. That is the platform in a nutshell.  Vimeo offers four membership options namely Vimeo Plus, Vimeo Pro, Vimeo Business, and Vimeo Premium. As mentioned above, this review will highlight Vimeo Pro’s features and advantages over other video hosting platforms.

Vimeo Pro is a video platform built for creative professionals to share videos in high quality, working within the industry standard of video hosting.

Create Videos and Start Earning with Vimeo

Who can use Vimeo Pro?

Vimeo is a video solution perfect for individuals and teams maintaining websites. Vimeo is also perfect for online marketers and for businesses like production companies, SMBs, and enterprises. The platform empowers creatives and businesses of all scales to create stories and connect with people. With a massive 90 million members, spanning in 150 countries globally, Vimeo has all the tools needed to excel in video sharing, selling, and marketing. 

Vimeo Pro Features

Vimeo Pro Review

  • High-Quality Videos

Deliver full visual feast with Vimeo’s unmatched video quality. High-quality videos are in demand today, to maximize the viewing experience. Vimeo player supports variation such as 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and 360 videos, and compatible with any device. It also supports high-quality video sharing on desktop PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and television.

  • Video Security and Privacy

Vimeo is enabled to privately store videos and just choose specific people to obtain access. With Vimeo, users can acquire full control over their videos with secured links, password protection, private set-up, and exclusive storage.  

  • Rich Post-Editing

Users can upload work in progress without any interruption. Vimeo has an excellent post-production tool that lets users share raw cuts of videos for review. This feature can add time-coded notes, and reply to collaborators and clients in real-time.

  • Highly Customizable Player

Vimeo’s player is embeddable to any part of the website. Videos are also shareable across all social media channels for wide reach and salability. The player can be customized based on brand guidelines and owner preferences. The addition of logo, change of color, size, and arranging the playlist is possible.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Users can also track views and engagement per video. Information on watch times is also available to deliver insights so users can match the best time to upload videos.

  • 360 Video Support

Vimeo goes beyond the norm for video streaming. Hence, can upload, embed, and able to sell 360 videos.

  • Social Sharing

Publish videos as posts on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Statistics will be available on the Vimeo user platform.

Vimeo Pro Integrations

Vimeo Pro Review

Simplifying the process of video hosting, Vimeo has integrated with some of the best platforms for direct uploads and editing. Applications that can integrate to Vimeo includes Adobe Premiere Pro, DropBox, Final Cut Pro, OneDrive, Slack, iMovie, Filmora, Google Drive, and Squarespace.

Vimeo Pricing

Since Vimeo Pro is a plan from Vimeo, we’ve listed the membership plans along with it for better comparison.

  • Vimeo Pro – Built for professional creators. This plan is priced at $20 per month and is billed annually. This initial plan includes storage of 20GB per week and allows three team members. The features include privacy and security, advanced embed options, video engagement graphs, custom calls to action in the player and publish videos natively to social.

  • Vimeo Business – Perfect for businesses and teams. This plan is priced at $50 per month and is billed annually. It has unlimited weekly storage of up to 5TB in total and allows up to 10 team members. This plan includes everything in pro, plus Interaction cards to engage viewers, and the ability to capture emails for lead generation. Moreover, this plan can sync with any email marketing software and is enabled for Google Analytics integrations.

  • Vimeo Premium – For advanced video requirements, this plan is highly recommended. It is priced at $75 per month and is billed annually. The premium plan has unlimited live streaming, and its storage can be up to 7TB in total, plus, it allows up to 10 team members. It includes everything from the business plan plus VIP support and unlimited live streaming functionality.

Is Vimeo worth trying?

Vimeo is loaded with superb tools to crate stunning videos because the platform understands what professional creatives need. Vimeo Pro is a great video hosting for starters, as it can host few videos even under a small budget. Out of all the video hosting platforms available, Vimeo has the highest quality output, securing great video content.

If you want to start venturing into video marketing, then Vimeo is an excellent platform to use. Due to the advances of technology, the majority of customers now favors watching video over written media. Hence, it is best to leverage the trend and create content that actually rakes high-quality conversion. Start embedding videos on websites or incorporating them into the marketing mix for a greater shot at favorable business results and fast return on investment.

Do you use Vimeo? What can you say about the platform? Let us know!

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