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Investing in online security is one of the most essential things that you should do. This is simply because cybercrimes are constantly rising everywhere. From identity theft, card skimming, hacking, and more. If you’re still not convinced about how harmful cybercrimes can be, then just think about a stranger being able to get loans on your behalf and piling up your debts, without you even knowing. The result? Mountainous debts and a lower credit score. If that happened to you, would you still think that it’s not as harmful?

Once your personal device has been hacked, many adverse things can happen. For instance, your confidential files may be compromised and fall into the hands of an attacker and God knows what else they might do, right? Imagine having someone committing crimes and fraudulent activities using your alias, that would definitely be a nightmare.

Yes, you already know where I’m heading. A VPN service.

A VPN service provides you with a solid layer of  protection by concealing your real IP address, so that attackers won’t be able to intercept your actual connection since it’s hidden from their eyes. But, that’s only the high-level definition of what it does. It comes with all other features that will give you a 360 degrees online security.


Enjoy Online Anonymity with Vypr VPN


About Vypr VPN

VyprVPN is a swiss company that offers a low-cost VPN service packed with several powerful features. To date, the company boasts over 2 million users in over 70 countries around the world. It comes with over 200,000 IP addresses that enable its users to freely mask their IP locations from anywhere in the world.

What can Vypr VPN offer?

VyprVPN has several powerful features that advances itself in the VPN industry allowing it to face head on with the bigger VPN brands. The best is, it comes without the golden price. Let’s now see the specific features that it has to offer!

Top Engineered Features of Vypr VPN



VyprVPN has engineered an advanced technology that allows it to fight back against the strictest censorship to keep the internet free and open for its users. Chameleon™ is a very good VPN protocol for bypassing restrictive networks in any strict countries like China that tries to control internet access. This is also great if you’re experiencing speed issues due to bandwidth throttling.

Also, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues as it’s supported by most desktop computer operating systems, Android mobile and tablet devices.


As expected, VyprVPN also comes with DNS protection. It’s a VPN feature that secures your network against any potential man-in-the-middle attacks. This is so because as a no-log VPN, VyprDNS™ does not log any DNS requests.

With VyprDNS™, your data and DNS requests go through an encrypted tunnel, which defeats "man-in-the-middle" DNS attacks and further prevents DNS filtering so you can experience an open Internet.

So, how different is this from other VPNs?

Many VPN providers utilize 3rd-Party DNS servers, which essentially expose their users to monitoring, logging and manipulation. VyprVPN runs its own DNS servers so VyprVPN users' DNS requests are not placed in jeopardy of being monitored, logged or manipulated.

VyprVPN Cloud

VyprVPN for Business Cloud provides your own dedicated business VPN server. It equips you with everything you need to be in full control of your server, while enjoying  seamless connection to existing apps - all secured with a designated access point to ensure maximum security.

VyprVPN Cloud is a user-friendly VPN server-deployment solution that provides you with an extra layer of security whenever you’re accessing your cloud servers. VyprVPN Cloud is available whether you prefer DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or VirtualBox - making it a perfect business solution for cloud servers.

Other Features

High-Grade Security Protection

VyprVPN secures your online privacy with a good combination of internet protocols and industrial-strength encryption. It supports AES-256-GCM and SHA384 HMAC by default for OpenVPN, packed with TLS-ECDHE-RSA-2048 for Perfect Forward Secrecy. This is a smart technique to ensure that you use a different key every time you connect online so that any attacker will not be able to keep up with your accounts / access keys.  It also comes with a rock-solid DNS service to avoid 'man-in-the-middle' attacks, DNS filtering and other snooping strategies.

Maximum Security Amidst Strict Internet Control

Vypr's 256-bit Chameleon protocol is perfectly crafted to circumvent websites and services that normally block VPNs. VyprVPN asserts that it’s especially useful in countries like China and Russia, in which the government normally follows strict controls over internet access and activity. Thus, you can be sure that your online data is fully protected even when you are in countries with strict internet protocols.

Audited No-Logs policy

VyprVPN is a strictly no-logs policy VPN. In fact, it even commissioned a third-party security agency to audit the authenticity of its no-logging policy, which of course passed. This is a great move considering that a few years ago it used to keep connection logs for 30 days.

As of writing, the no-logs policy of VyprVPN includes your IP address, your chosen IP address connection, timestamps, user traffic, and more. Essentially, no data will be kept about your online activity so you can fully enjoy your online anonymity.

Public Wi-Fi Protection

If you normally connect to Public Wifi, then VyprVPN got you covered. VyprVPN allows you to automatically connect your VyprVPN whenever accessing an unknown Wi-Fi network. VyprVPN will ensure that your connection is always secure and that you remain protected from hackers and cybercriminals.

Kill Switch

Like other VPNs, VyprVPN comes with a Kill Switch. A Kill Switch automatically blocks all your network traffic whenever VyprVPN gets disconnected or is disabled. This typically happens whenever you experience network or power interruption. Basically, it’s a powerful tool to automatically ensure that your personal data and online activity are kept private, even in times of fortuitous events.

Wide Network Coverage

VyprVPN is powered by its global servers and runs its own servers and hardware in more than 70 locations around the globe. This in turn provides its users with over 200,000 IP addresses to choose from.

Streaming Access to Restricted Content

If you use VPN to stream your favorite shows, then you will be happy to know that VyprVPN will enable you to access your favorite country-restricted shows. VyprVPN  will provide you with a fast, reliable and completely private VPN connection for streaming and downloading content from anywhere in the world. To date, VyprVPN is able to stream several Netflix regions, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and more.

Additional Features

The company has its own secure DNS, NAT firewall, and allows BitTorrenting on its servers. Plus, it allows up to 5 simultaneous connections on any devices, which gives you the flexibility to use it on any device that you want.  

Customer Support

VyprVPN offers its customers with live chat, email support, and a wide knowledge base to guide its users around the platform. It also has blogs to keep you updated on the latest release and some tips and tricks on how to further protect your online privacy.

Subscription Plans


VyprVPN offers three different subscription plans depending on your term preference. Here are the pricing details:

  • One-month plan: $12.95
  • 12-month plan: $3.75
  • 36-month plan: $1.66

Do I recommend Vyper VPN?

Overall, VyprVPN proves to be a reliable VPN service with all its advanced security features and massive network coverage. Its no logs policy, public wifi security, self-owned and managed server network, and Switzerland jurisdiction make it a great choice for users who would like to take the necessary steps in valuing their online privacy.

If you’re looking for other players in the VPN space, then check out this list of the Best VPNs.

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Enjoy Online Anonymity with VyprVPN

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