Web Hosting Pad Review: Best Web Host for Flexible plans

Web Hosting Pad Review


Have you been thinking of building a website but don’t know where to start? You’ve probably run across tons of free website builders online yet still confused on how to about it. Then, let us help you find your way towards building your online presence.

In building a website, you first need to secure the two fundamental foundations: the domain name and website hosting. The domain name is the official address and name of your website. It’s what your website visitors will type in the browser to be able to access your site. What is web hosting? You might ask. Well, website hosting is the one that stores the entire content of your site online and the one that makes it available to your site visitors. Without domain name and web hosting, your website will not be accessible.

While there are tons of free domain name services, free web hosting, and free online tools, you must be watchful of jumping into any of those tools as most of them tend to charge its users double upon expiration of the free subscription. Falling for this scheme will surely give you a feeling of deceit in the end.

Every website must have a solid foundation. When we say a solid foundation, we mean a reliable web hosting that comes with domain name registration. A reliable web hosting must be able to support you with everything you need to keep your site online 24/7. A good web host offers web hosting services with a proven track record, 24/7 support, security, and advanced technology features. However, if you happen to get lured into those “free” campaigns, chances are you get an inferior service that might lead to site downtimes and errors and give you a website that’s prone to attacks.

The first thing that you need to do is list down your objectives. Are you building a hobby site? A professional website? Blog site? Or are you starting an eCommerce store? It’s essential to know your objectives and be able to pair it with the right plan that offers everything you need to start and grow your website. By not doing so, you might end up getting a web hosting that under-delivers or over-delivers – and not finding the perfect match.

In this blog, we’ll give you an insight on Web Hosting Pad, one of the low-cost yet reliable web hosting available. We’ll help you dig deep into its features, strengths, offerings, and commercials. At the end of this blog, we hope you’ll figure out if Web Hosting Pad is the right platform for you. So read on!


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About Web Hosting Pad

Web Hosting Pad has been in the web hosting industry since 2005. It specializes in providing affordable web hosting plans to beginners and small businesses. With its decade-long experience in providing expert web hosting solutions, Web Hosting pad has unquestionably solidified its spot as one of the most affordable web hosts out there.

Extremely cheap web hosting

The thing that stands out with Web Hosting Pad is that it’s incredibly cheap. With Web Hosting Pad, you can start building your website for as low as $1.99 per month. If your primary concern is on budget restrictions, look no further (except for iPage – which we also did a review on, click here).

Uptime Guarantee

This figure is the only scale that matters for you to find a reliable web hosting service. Uptime statistics tells you about a web host’s reliability standing. Based on recent findings, Web Hosting Pad has an uptime of 99.23%. Technically this is already good enough for starters since not all web hosts can reach even the 99% mark. 

Customer Support

Customer Support is the most important thing you need to take note of if you’re a first-timer with limited technical knowledge. You would want to get a web host with positive reviews on customer support rather than a web host that tends to be a no-show in problematic situations.

Like any other web hosting service, Web Hosting Pad offers customer support through its 24/7 online helpdesk and massive knowledgebase. For technical issues, you can quickly get in touch with the agents through its 24/7 support through phone, email, live chat, and support tickets. There’s also a comprehensive knowledge base wherein you get to access user guides and tutorials to help you set up and guide you in basic troubleshooting. For trivial matters and latest updates, you can also get in touch with Web Hosting Pad through its Facebook and Twitter pages since they tend to be active on social media.

Web hosting offerings

Web Hosting Pad offers different types of hosting services, namely: Shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, Weebly hosting, VPS hosting, and an Email-only hosting. Thus, you’re sure to get what you need that perfectly fits your requirements.

Shared Web Hosting

To start with, let’s first discuss Shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is the most affordable of all since it’s where you share the resources of a single server with several other websites — no need to worry, since this is the most commonly used hosting for non-enterprise level. Web Hosting Pad offers three different plans under Shared Web Hosting – Power plan, Power plan PLUS, and power plan mini. Each subscription plan features one-click WordPress install, 99% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, unlimited subdomains, SSL certificates, and of course, entitlement to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

The first is the Power plan that comes starting at $1.99 per month. It includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free domain name registration (1 year), drag and drop builder, unlimited MySQL database, SSL certificates, and eCommerce carts for unlimited websites. Then we have the Power plan PLUS priced for as low as $4.99 per month and comes with everything on the Power plan PLUS priority support, spam filters, and enhanced security through Commercial SSL Certificates.

If you’re starting small, then the Power plan mini might be of interest. This plan is perfect for budget-conscious individuals who just want to start a little nook online. The Power plan mini has fixed rates to help you budget more efficiently. The plans start for as low as $3 per month and come with 10GB storage space, 100GB bandwidth, WordPress installer, website builder, 50 MySQL database, SSL Certificates, and 100 email accounts - all good for up to two websites.

This kind of hosting plan is perfect for those planning to build a website on a reliable hosting plan with rich functionality and within budget. 

WordPress hosting plans

If you’re familiar with WordPress and its user-friendly and fresh features, then WordPress hosting might be one to consider. Web Hosting Pad’s WordPress plans contain thousands of themes, speed enhancements, expert help, SEO plugins, and analytics – all powered by powerful servers. There are three plans offered depending on your requirements and size – WP Basic, WP Pro, and WP Premium

The first is WP Basic starting for as low as $2.99 per month. WP Basic includes unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited parked domains, priority support, free WordPress transfer, with standard computing power for up to five sites. The plan also has security features, including SSL certificates, backup service, malware scanning and removal, and global CDN.

Then we have WP Pro, which has everything on the WP Basic plus twice the computing power for up to ten websites – all of which you can get for as low as $3.99 per month. Lastly, we have the WP Premium, which costs at least $5.99 per month. The plan has everything on the previous packages, and you get up to 3x computing power for up to 25 sites.

If you can’t choose between getting a Shared web hosting plan or a WordPress hosting plan for your WordPress website, these are the differences that might be worth considering. With Shared Web Hosting, you only get a standard control panel without WordPress specific support, no speed and security enhancement features, and no premium WordPress services. Alternatively, all these features are present if you choose WordPress hosting.

VPS hosting plans

If you’re looking for web hosting with a bigger allowance without breaking the bank, then this is for you. VPS hosting gives you bigger and better features for maximum site performance. Through VPS depot, these VPS plans are made available for consumers. Each subscription plan features unlimited email sending, fast and secure servers, firewall and enhanced security, scalable packages, free cPanel & WHM, and free WordPress & Softaculous. There are six plans to choose from – Beginner, Pro, Premium, Super, Ultra, and Managed subscription plan.

The Beginner plan starts at $29.95 per month with 20GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth per month, 1GB memory, one dedicated IP address, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts, and is eCommerce ready. Next is the Pro plan with everything on the Beginner plan plus 80GB disk space, 250GB bandwidth per month, 2GB memory, and two dedicated IP addresses all starting at $34.95 per month. Then the Premium plan boasts 160GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth per month, 4GB memory, and three dedicated IP addresses, which costs $49.95. The Super subscription plan has 200GB disk space, 1.5TB bandwidth per month, 4GB memory, and three dedicated IP addresses all at $59.95 per month. Then we have the Ultra plan, which starts at $79.95 per month and features 250GB disk space, 2TB bandwidth per month, 6GB memory, and three dedicated IP addresses. Lastly, we have the Managed plan starting at $99.95 per month, which has everything on the previous packages plus 300GB disk space, 3TB bandwidth per month, 8GB memory, and three dedicated IP addresses.

Weebly and email hosting 

Aside from the core hosting plans, Web Hosting Pad also offers Weebly and Email hosting. Its Weebly hosting plans are perfect for those in dire need to build a website instantly and seamlessly. The subscription plans are offered in four classes depending on your needs – Simple, Starter, Pro, and Business depending on your size.

Web Hosting Pad also offers email hosting without all the fuss. With Web Hosting Pad’s Email hosting, you get unlimited emails, webmail clients, and free spam filter. The email hosting plans are available in two classes – Padmail and Padmail Plus, starting at $40 per year.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

Web Hosting Pad also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that gives you ample time to try out their services and get a full refund if you don’t find their services useful. However, you must take note of the fine print before jumping in since this guarantee does not apply to all services, including renewals and domain registrations.

Points for improvement

While Web Hosting Pad is already a safe choice for beginners, we still think that there are lots of room for improvement, especially in terms of its uptime performance, speeds, restrictive website transfers, and limited backup options. It will also help if the company provides more information about its datacenters and the latest technology used to power its users’ websites.

Overall, we still believe that Web Hosting Pad is a decent choice because it is one of the cheapest web hosting services and offers excellent quality service.

Do we recommend Web Hosting Pad?

In general, Web Hosting Pad confidently plays head to head with other players. With its 99% uptime guarantee and affordability coupled with 24/7 customer support, improved security features, money-back guarantee, and proven reputation – we don’t see any reason not to recommend Web Hosting Pad for starters.

If you’re a starter looking to build an online space for yourself, then Web Hosting Pad proves to be a safe choice with plans for as low as $1.99 per month. Web Hosting Pad is an attractive option for individuals who want a simple service with a limited budget.

Have you tried Web Hosting Pad? Leave us a comment below!

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