Hey guys. In this video I'm going to be talking about, what are the best dropshipping niches? Before I can really get into that, I want to make sure that you understand what a niche is. So by definition, a niche is basically a very specific segment of a larger audience of people where you can actually target them based on the specific needs that they have. So for instance, if you go to like Houzz or Amazon or Ebay or Wayfair, they are a very broad website. They don't really target specific niches, but if you go all the way down into a specific product category, you'll find that there is products that actually target specific needs of consumers, even within the broader groups that they are. 

So you now can understand that you have the world as a whole, and then you have markets that are really big, let's just say like outdoors and home. And then you have really specific markets within those and they have an even more specific market. So with that said, I'm going to show you guys visually what this looks like. And let's get over to Amazon, so I can give you a look at that.

Okay. So I pulled up a few, actually, Amazon, Houzz, and Wayfair, the ones I was kind of mentioning. So I want to show you guys what it looks like when you niche all the way down to a product category, and I'll show you some of the best niches for dropshipping, but specifically for high ticket dropshipping because a lot of people out there, they're wondering, what's a good niche for dropshipping?

Well, I think you're probably wondering what's a good niche for selling really cheap products and a lot of them, but I don't mess with that because in my opinion, the best dropshipping niches are high ticket dropshipping niches where you make a lot more profit per sale. It takes the same amount of work to sell something, whether it's high profit or low profit, it takes the same amount of ad spend and all that stuff. So you might as well sell something that's going to take you like $500-$600 per sale rather than just $5-$10 per sale.

So with that said, I'll go into the home and garden category first. We'll check out furniture. By the way, I'm drilling down right now. So you see how like home garden, pets and tools is a big major category. And then within here we have all these other categories. I can go down to garden and outdoor. I can go down to lighting. I can go up to kitchen and dining, and I can go to bath even. So these are all some really good niches to sell.

So I'll just show you really quick here. First off, let's look at kitchen islands. Kitchen islands is a really good niche and think about it. When somebody's in the market to buy a kitchen island, what kind of a consumer are you talking to? How old are they? What gender are they? Where do they live? How big is their house? How much money do they make? What kind of job do they have? Right?

In a product category, you can kind of understand a little bit about the market. With that said, the first thing Amazon is always going to show you is the smaller ticket products. You really got to go as priced high to low and then you'll get to see all the expensive stuff. I usually want to sell products in the $1,000-$5,000 range. So let's just kind of look through here and you get an idea. Here we go.

So American Heritage Tuscan kitchen island with wood top, $3,000. Here's some good kitchen islands. Okay? So this is a pretty cool niche. It fits the category of high ticket dropshipping because it costs a lot of money and it's very simple as well. I think, generally speaking, it'd be a very easy product to sell because when someone gets it, you just assemble it and good. There's no electronics to deal with. There's not a whole lot of other things you have to understand. And you could probably offer upsell services with a product niche like this, like white glove delivery and assembly and stuff like that. So that's pretty cool.

So there's one niche. Let's go into here. Now, instead of opening the whole store, selling all sorts of patio, lawn, and garden garden products, let's go into here and find one specific niche you could open a store in. Let's see. I like the patio furniture sets niche, although it's probably pretty competitive. Here we go. I know gazebos is a good niche. If you don't know what a gazebo or a pergola is, or a canopy, it's basically this thing right here, these pergolas.

So you could open a store selling just pergolas because it's a high ticket item, and it meets the needs of a specific target market niche, right? The person that needs a pergola is looking for a specific pergola. These things are complicated. You have to get the right size. They're very large and so they're probably sold in kits and you have to bring the kit in, disassemble it, open up the kit, assemble it, install it, and all this stuff. So there's definitely upsell services like white glove delivery and installation you could definitely offer with this.

And look at all the different high ticket versions of this that you can buy. So there's all these different makes and colors and sizes and styles, so you can create a whole website just around selling pergolas and I highly recommend it. So there you go. That's the second niche I would recommend just because look, it's no complicated features. It's very easy, it looks like, to set up, so definitely something that would work out as far as high ticket dropshipping goes. So consider that.

Let's go to the next one. Alright. The patio furniture sets snitch. Now the only thing about this niche that is a little concerning is that it seems like there's a lot of competitors out there, and there's tons of different options. This could be a good and a bad thing. I really do think that it has plenty of potential though, and you could definitely set up a store selling these things. Somebody that's looking for this kind of a set, there's probably a lot of big stores selling them and it's probably a pretty high cost per click in my assumptions, but it doesn't mean that you can't sell them.

In fact, there's even more niches inside of that. You see this brand called Anderson Teak? What they're actually selling is teak wood furniture. Teak wood comes from Indonesia, and this wood survives anything to do with the outdoors. So all the salt water, air you can throw at it, it's not going to get messed up. So teak wood's really cool. You could open a niche store selling teak furniture sets, or just teak furniture in general.

In fact, I'm going to say that's my next niche. That's a [inaudible 00:06:23] niche because it's very popular. People are looking for a specific product, teak furniture. They're going to go to a teak furniture website and they're gonna read your articles and guides and get your marketing, and they're gonna want to buy from you because you know what you're talking about. Look how expensive teak furniture is. It can be upwards of $8,000 for the sets. So there you go, guys. Teak furniture, teak patio furniture.

So we're still in the patio, lawn, and garden niche. I actually want to bring one more out into the open, and that is grills or outdoor fryer and smokers. I'm just gonna look at grills first and specifically, wood pellet grills. Check these out. Alright, cool. So pellet grills. Pellet grills are not just any grill, it's a grill that takes pellets to smoke stuff. And it creates a unique taste, and there's a huge niche of people that are totally into this.

So you can make a dropship website just around pellet grills, right? That's the coolest thing, is that if you can consider something like this, targeting a specific niche is that you're going to create a website that's perfect for that consumer and it's also perfect for all the suppliers that are in that niche. So you'll have a really easy time getting suppliers. You'll have a really easy time creating content. You'll have a really easy time creating your e-commerce sales funnel, email marketing sales funnel, content marketing sales funnels.

You'll have a really easy time doing your ads and all your ad copy because you have one product niche to go in with one website and one business. And then all your customers are gonna feel totally overwhelmed with awesomeness because you have the best marketing for their needs. They're looking for a pellet grill. They know that you are the site to go and get it from. And you know, here's one of those brands probably you can dropship pellet grill. So that's the next best dropshipping niche.

So what I did is I actually landed on lighting and ceiling fans and let's go ahead and take a look here. What I wanted to do was go to one specifically called pendant lights. So I'm gonna try to find those right now. I don't think it's going to the right category. Just type it in I guess. Pendant lighting. There we go. Pendant light fixtures.

Okay. So pendant lighting is pretty interesting stuff, and if you go and search the high value ones, very, very, very, very lucrative. Check this out. So extremely expensive lighting. The only thing about this you have to understand is that when you get up into the really high price ranges and stuff like that, like over $10,000, you start dealing with customers that require a lot of pre-sale support. So you have to be willing to get on the phone with people or at least hire a team to get on the phone with people.

But with that said, these can be upwards of 20, 30 percent margin or more depending on the brand and the suppliers, stuff like that. So being that as it is, $8,000, let's do this with some quick math. 8,000 times point, let's just say, 30. $2,400 per sale or if you get 20 percent, $1,600 per sale. They're not the largest product, but they are pretty big and they had to be packed really, really carefully. So it costs a little bit extra for shipping.

So with that said, it might bleed into the margin a little bit, but there you go guys. Pendant lighting might be a really good store to set up. And in fact, I mean, it just looks incredible. I think I might even start a store in this niche, but I've heard a lot of good things about these products and, as you can see, they're absolutely amazing. So there you go. Pendant lighting. Next best option niche.

Okay. So the next one is not related to the home at all, but I had to bring it up here because it's actually really interesting because golfers love to make life easy for themselves. And these things called golf carts are super popular on the golf course, but there's one type of golf cart you might not be aware of if you're not one of these super schmancy fancy golfers, and that is electric trolley carts.

So I don't know. It doesn't really look like it, but those are carbon. Here we go. So electric golf cart with remote control. Here's one of them. These things are really cool, and this is definitely a niche because you're going to have golfers that are willing to spend $3,000 to get a golf cart to push their clubs around for them, and not just push their clubs around, but watch this. It's crazy. These golf carts actually follow you as you golf.

So being a golfer, if you're a golfer watching this, you might actually be like totally blown away. I wish it would load faster, but basically these golf carts will follow you around the golf course when you golf and you don't have to press anything or steer it. It's kind of like a drone that follows you in the air. Yeah, it's just not going to load. My internet's not fast enough, but maybe it'll have some sort of a thing here. Yeah, it'll even go uphill.

So you can just imagine, right? These things are really cool and these are totally dropshippable. So with that said, this is definitely a cool niche, very, very, very specific target market where you should build a store just around these and not offer any other products, but just electric golf carts. Okay? With that said, that's next dropshipping niche.

Next niche is also very cool. The target market is definitely upper middle class and definitely leading edge boomers and seniors. It's called wine coolers. Wine coolers are used, of course, by people to keep their wine cool. And there's lots of high ticket wine coolers out there. If you just cruise around Amazon for a minute and go down to like the $3,000 below category, these are actually water coolers, not wine coolers. What's going on here? Type in wine coolers and find the exact category. Wine chillers maybe? Yeah, here we go. Okay. Here they are.

So let's go high to low again and okay. So we got all these cool ones. This is what a wine cooler looks like. It's pretty popular. I see a lot of dropship stores popping up in this niche all the time and they're very, very, very, very, very, very successful. So this is definitely a great niche to be in. With that said, it is an appliance. So it's an electronic electronic item and it also requires some installation, sometimes, as you can see here.

So there's white glove delivery upsells you could offer. There's probably some sort of an extended warranty you can offer because a lot of electronics items always come with extended warranties and service plans and things like that. So that's great, but you have to be willing to offer technical support and go between the customer and the supplier on any electronic item because sometimes there's malfunctions, or just technical difficulties, or the consumer doesn't know how to use it properly, or install it properly, whatever it is, especially if they don't order that white glove delivery service or extended warranty. Right?

So you have to be willing to go above and beyond for customer service on anything that's electronic. But with that said, if you are willing to do that and you can understand the item a bit, then go for it because it's very popular, very trendy, and also very profitable. Okay? So that said, that is the next best dropshipping niche.

Okay. Another very specific product that you might never thought about selling online is one of the best dropshipping niches for sure, and that is bidets. So bidets are those little things in the toilet, and if you've ever traveled to Southeast Asia, you've encountered these a lot. Some places in Europe even had these a lot, and definitely higher end households. Upper middle class, leading edge boomers, and for sure seniors because seniors, you just imagine how much that saves them as far as effort. I'm not going to go into detail, but you can imagine.

So bidets are awesome. Right? And check it out. If you go down here to here and you go here, it'll tell you high to low. And if we are in just bidets, it should tell us just the price of bidets, but it's giving me all these other faucet things. So I'm going to type bidets. I just want to see bidets. Alrighty. Yeah. Alright. Well, this is one. Toto, $1,949.

Okay. These are bidet sets, right? But they're classic bidet sets and you install them onto an already existing porcelain, not toilet, but you have to have the bowl separately. Like this is the bowl right here, and then you installed a set onto the bowl. But I'm talking electronic bidet, so maybe I need to type in that, or bidet toilet seat. That's probably what it is. Yeah. Okay, cool. Go around.

Okay guys. So check this out. There it is. So this is one example, and these things are really popular. Yeah, here we go. So now we can see the rest of them. A little bit lower price point, as you can see, but there are a higher price point versions of them. So just understand they're super popular. These things sell like hotcakes out there. They come with a lot of competition for sure, but they're crazy popular. I mean people, 602 reviews, 527, 426 reviews. Those are just reviews. It doesn't include everybody who bought the item. Right?

And there's a ton of products with over hundreds of reviews of these things. So you could set up a drop ship site just selling bidets and you'd probably be very successful with it. And you'd get all the suppliers and you get most of the customers because you're a niche specific site, you're the specialist, and you can run the most targeted ads, and you can have the most money to spend on ads. Right? And at the end of the day, the marketer that has the most money to spend on ads wins the game. Okay? So with that said, bidets are the next best dropshipping niche.

Another one is actually pretty cool, and I've seen some dropship stores doing this stuff, but standing desks. These ones are actually pretty neat because it looks like they're adjustable. And here's another one. I was actually doing this the other night because it's actually kind of painful to be sitting down the whole time and filming videos. So I was standing up in a portion of the room where I had a little bookshelf setup, and the bookshelf was strong enough to support my computer. And I was standing up the whole night.

Now, I woke up and I got the worst Charlie horse in my leg that I've ever had, so that didn't feel too good, but I think that was because I wasn't drinking enough water and stretching. But just the fact that I was standing up the whole night actually made me feel a lot better. It was helping with my posture a lot too, which felt great. So that's a good thing. So with that said, guys, check out the price points. Standing desks are awesome. There's even electronic versions of them, so go check that out. Next dropshipping best niche.

Alright guys. So far I've done nine best dropshipping niches. The 10th one, the last one in this video, is outdoor fire pits. Outdoor fire pits are very cool looking. Look, these are $4,000 ones right here, $3,000. So the price point's definitely there. The cool thing about these is that a lot of them are electric ignited and natural gas powered. So they don't come with a whole lot of electronics built into them. It's just the ignition system. And then they just hook up to your gas and then they turn on when you want them to turn on.

So pretty sweet. Yeah, definitely upper middle class. Definitely leading edge boomers, seniors. So good target market to sell to. Now with that said, it could be definitely quite competitive selling these things, but that's okay. You can set up a store just selling outdoor fire pits. And I can't stress this enough guys. When you're first getting started with high ticket e-commerce, high ticket dropshipping, you have to set up a store with one product vertical because if you do not do that, if you try to go more broad, it just won't work.

It's gonna take longer to get started up. You're not going to get the suppliers that you need to become profitable. You're not going to get those customers that want to buy from a specialist. Those are the specific customers you want to capture. So if you start with just one product vertical and a name related to that product vertical, and then start launching with ads, then you'll definitely get your site launched and start making plenty of money so you can take that profit, parlay it into growing from there.

I see a lot of websites out there that started with one vertical and then grew out from there, and that's the best way to do it, guys. So just understand that's the best way to start. That's exactly how I teach to do business in my E-commerce Paradise Academy. It's for high ticket dropshipping and it specifically teaches you how to choose a product vertical, like outdoor fire pits, how to build a really optimized store just in that one vertical, really simple, easy to browse, easy to shop through website with a really well optimized e-commerce sales funnel, and it's also going to be teaching you how to build out the upsells, cross sells, the add-ons and the after sales upsells and cross sells as well.

So really cool stuff guys. I'm so excited to get you in there. Definitely go check it out. If you're brand new to dropshipping, you're still wondering if it's for you or not, I have a really long in depth hour plus course on dropshipping and it's completely free. Click the link below in the description. It's called the Free Dropshipping, What is Dropshipping Mini Course, and you can sign up for that today. So with that said, guys, thanks for watching and I hope to catch you out there, but definitely subscribe and we'll see you next time. Take care.

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