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This is explicitly going to be about Google shopping ads strategy. When it comes to high ticket dropshipping, there is one method of driving qualified traffic that wants to buy products in your stores right now. That one method is google shopping ads. 


I had a coaching call earlier, and I realized that the number one thing he needed to do was to fix his google shopping ads. He only set up one Google Shopping campaign, and he set it up just as a smart campaign and pretty much like Google do whatever they wanted to. 


To be successful and profitable with this business, you have to set up your Google ad campaigns correctly or else you won’t get the traffic.  You won’t get the quality of traffic, and you only get the people that are interested in buying your product and will buy your product after a few months. 

You have to get people into your website that are comparison shoppers, the people that are shopping around for the best price in town on the internet and the people that are shopping for the best deals on most trustworthy websites. 

If you can drive that traffic, you have a much better chance of making sales even if your website isn’t perfect. At least you get a better quality of shoppers.  

The number one thing I established with him was his google shopping was costing him $30 a day, and it is a thousand dollars a month. So far, he has made about eleven thousand dollars per sales per month on average. It is mostly through one product. With one google shopping campaign, they are not going to know what products to send traffic to besides just the one getting the most queries in Google that you have available in your shopping feed.   

The average price point in products is around a thousand dollars, and he is making a couple of hundred bucks so as average margins 20%.  That means the niche is profitable enough to run ads and see a good return ad spend. You want to focus on the return on adspend or knowns as ROAS.



If you put a thousand in ads and you get $10,000 sales, you get 10x ROAS. It is not bad, and it is a good starting point. You are not going to be very profitable with 10x ROAS. You need to get 20, 30, or 40. 

To be very profitable, you need to have a lot of things in place. The first thing you have to work on is your ad account. The next thing after that is going to be retargeting and then optimization of the website. 


Starting a new campaign is essential. I set up these campaigns in the high ticket drop shipping masterclass. If you want to learn more, you can visit ecommerceparadise.com/masterclass it on sale for a limited time. Make sure you get on there quick before the price goes up. 

The overview of the course is also available in the minicourse that I talked about earlier. It is the third video, my high ticket dropshipping blueprint. I spoke of the three campaign structure and why I do that. 


There are three campaigns in place. There is a priority one, two, and three. You are going to be applying each campaign to a different priority because you want to prioritize based on keywords.


The most important keywords you want to prioritize here are the longtail keywords.  The long tail as fas as product names go is product-specific keywords. When you prioritize based on that, and you bid the highest on those, that is when you will start getting the quality traffic into shopping ads. It is a three-tier campaign, and you are prioritizing and bidding highest on those longtail keywords and optimizing from there.  It requires careful selection of negative keywords, and it involves a lot of different setup stages. Google shopping feed. You can use Shopify apps that can make an optimized Shopify feed for you. You need to check with Google Merchange center to make sure all the products are approved. 

Once you set up a campaign, you need to check your bids and search terms and optimized those accordingly. You have to based on what’s not getting clicks, and getting clicks, what’s getting conversions and not getting conversions.

 For search terms, you want to make sure that no product names are showing up in your generic campaigns, and there are no generic keywords. 

Once things are all ironed out up for the first week or two, your ad campaign should be profitable.   

Then you can start getting new suppliers on board, add new products, integrating them into the Google shopping campaign and then from there, and you can work on retargeting and optimization. You can start working at the top of the funnel and organic content.  

To get more details about this, get into my free course. Go to ecommerceparadise.com/secrets.   

Get into my free course, and I will show you the secrets and the mindset you need for success.  

You can also get my Niches list along with my three secrets for niche selection. Go to ecommerceparadise.com/niches

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