WiTopia Review

WiTopia Review: Is It The Best VPN Service?

Following a surge of excellent recommendations from numerous credible publications as the best VPN service available, we took it upon ourselves to check out WiTopia. The website seemed perfect and we were immediately received by the support team to their seemingly perfect client.

Below are some of our findings upon giving the VPN a closer look.


The service has a well-designed user interface that is very clear and easy to navigate even for a beginner with little knowledge of VPNs and how they work. According to the developers, there is a quick connect button that automatically connects you to the fastest server available. There is also an additional advanced connect option that gives you the choice of server to connect to based on your region although this is not available with the basic package.

Performance and reliability

This is where the trouble with WiTopia started as most of the servers we connected to were inconsistent in results with regards to speed. Speed of connection is what makes for a viable VPN and in this WiTopia did not meet the threshold. This doesn’t necessarily mean that their speeds were terrible but each time we tried to switch to a different server we got worse speeds.

Several locations around Europe and America produced very different results. They may have fast servers but plenty of them was giving up very slow speeds.


This is one of the areas in which WiTopia VPN passed with distinction. The VPN has a long compatibility list that includes most of the major operating g systems available including on mobile phones. Devices that aren’t normally included in VPN offers such as Google Chromebook and KindleFireHD are also compatible with this VPN.

The developer’s instructions on how to connect to the service on different platforms is also very easy to follow. The range of compatibility and the easy guidelines to connect to the service are some of the aspects that make WiTopia the best VPN service to use.


The VPN comes with a variety of protocol options that include SSL that has the highest level of encryption. The service can also be configured and used on two devices at the same time. Using it multiple devices will require you to send them a request after which they promise to give you the best service to satisfy your needs.

A plus for using several devices on this service is that there are no bandwidth transfer limits and the only limitations are in relation to the legal aspect of your activities. The company discourages P2P transfers and advice you to seek other options in case you need to download or share illegal content.

The company operates servers in 45 countries worldwide with multiple servers in several of these. While this should be good news, the speeds, as earlier mentioned, vary depending on the server that you choose. This may not be your expectation for a company with such a wide range of servers.

The basic package might be pretty solid but it lacks in features such as an internet kill switch or a malware blocker like other VPS offer. The VPN is also not compatible with all routers. This is mostly because the company has its own router called the Cloakbox that has a simple, pre-configured solution that is ideal for those customers who want to use a VPN on different devices and use VoIP services without hiccups.

Anonymity is also not guaranteed with this VPN because the company does keep some of the logs. Use of anonymous alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin is also not allowed.

Security and Privacy

Some of the security protocols that WiTopia offers include PPTP, L2TP over IPsec and Cisco IPsec. Their Pro customers however get to enjoy unlimited possibilities and the ultimate security encryption brought by the revered SSL protocol. They also get to experience the advanced 4D stealth. Encryption up to 256-bit is also available. To further bolster security, WiTopia provides non-ISP-controlled DNS service on top of all that.

While the company doesn’t monitor or log customer activity and cache files are regularly destroyed, they do keep a trailing log that they can use to flag any breach of terms of service by the users.


Technical support on WiTopia is available as soon as you log into their main page. The chat is very easy to use and the responses offered are prompt. You can also get further information by sending an email through a contact form to one of their departments. They do not offer phone support however.


With WiTopia there are no free services and you will be required to start paying up once the trial period is expired. There are two packages to which you can subscribe; the basic option at $50 and the pro package at $70 annually. Choosing longer subscriptions will save you a few bucks.

The pro version is only available for subscriptions starting from 6 months and no less while the basic package can be paid for in a month-to-month basis.

An annual plan gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee while any other plan just gives you a 10 day guarantee.

Pros and cons

From this WiTopia review, it is clear that some of the pros include ease of use, fast and round the clock support and compatibility with multiple platforms. The cons, on the other hand, include the inconsistency in performance and the varying speeds from server to server.


Some clear performance problems did emerge once we had had the opportunity to explore the VPN deeper through research but they turned out not to be anomalies. The VPN has also received some mixed reviews from users with their highest scores being only in anonymity, value for money and support. On speed, reliability and performance the users that submitted their reviews only felt somewhat satisfied. The service was generally good even though we are still expecting a lot more from it thanks to all the hype that it generated.

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