Witopia VPN Review: Is it the Best VPN Service for Businesses?

57% of the whole world’s population has access to the internet. That is equivalent to 4.33 billion active internet users globally – and that many people are prone to cyber-attacks. That is because, aside from the physical products and services, personal information has also been a commodity nowadays. It’s true – apps and websites obtain more information far beyond what users provide during sign-ups. Hence, when people go online, their data may be exposed, and anyone can access any information.

It’s rather scary, but it is the reality. Going online these days puts everyone’s privacy at risk, may it be through mobile applications or desktop browsers. Now businesses, especially the start-ups, would not be able to afford full security software immediately. While companies and large enterprises needed an extra layer of security in the highest form, to protect their data confidentiality or information breach.

Thankfully, Virtual Private Network or also known as VPN has been developed to protect online anonymity.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network or VPN is a technology that helps users hide their details and location.  It links to diverse networks separated from the usual internet by using safety protocols. Hence, data is safe as it only travels within the secured VPN connection or network structure. A VPN is also useful for accessing geo-restricted content.

Why is it important to use a VPN?

It is important to note that whenever users go online, an IP address is automatically assigned. This IP address serves as a gateway for the user’s identification and even allows websites to access more, even personal information about that particular user. Through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), all information by the user, such as the password and personal information and other data. 

By using a VPN, the IP address is safe as masks the actual location and redirects it to somewhere else. For example, if the user lives in the US, but uses a VPN server in Japan, then that website will acknowledge that the user is actually from Japan. This way, the identity of the user is protected.  Additionally, with a VPN in place, ISP is also blocked – giving more defense for the user’s personal details. VPN is a security technology that encodes data on the internet so others won’t capture any data. This is what big companies, banks, and even the government use for data protection.

VPN allows users to freely browse the internet without the worries from hackers, internet providers, identity thieves, or websites that capture online behavior and information for their benefit. It permits users to jump from one website or application to the other without exposing any of their real data.

More than ever, people and businesses need a secure, safe, and private internet experience – and Witopia personalVPN has the right solution for that.

Safe Internet for Business. Try PersonalVPN Now!

What is Witopia PersonalVPN?

From the repartee, “wireless/wired utopia,” Witopia is a company launched in 2005. The company strongly believes that users have the right to online safety. With this, Witopia has developed a VPN service brand called PersonalVPN

In a promise to end personal data selling and online behavior capture, PersonalVPN was born. Successfully launched in March 2005, PersonalVPN™ grew out to be the safest and fastest VPN service with customers around the globe.

PersonalVPN promises a secured, private, borderless, and encrypted internet. Also, it claims to be the world’s most trusted and fastest VPN service.

How does Witopia PersonalVPN Work?

Witopia VPN Review

gives freedom to its users to choose their own VPN service gateway worldwide. Right after settling the service gateway, an encrypted tunnel between the device and Witopia’s VPN server is promptly established. With this, all data will go through the tunnel – encrypted, secured, and private. 

As other VPN services provide, PersonalVPN also assigns a temporary IP address. It masks the user’s real IP address, giving full protection from websites, ISPs, and hackers. PersonalVPN turns into a “virtual” internet provider of the specific country the users have chosen.

Witopia PersonalVPN Features

PersonalVPN is really easy and simple to use – even for first-time users. Loaded with cutting-edge features, PersonalVPN takes out the security worries from your end.

  • True Private Browsing – Going incognito just won’t cut it. For every search and log-ins that the users have performed, it is still captured and stored to a certain internet profile. This profile is then sold to anyone without the user’s permission. That is scary. With personalVPN, no websites and applications can capture the true identity of the users. Browse the web freely and anonymously.
  • Safely Connect to WiFi – Connecting to a WiFi network automatically means an unspoken consent to broadcast data without further security or permission. Search engine searches, chats, e-mails, and others are open for data collection. Public WiFi, such as those installed in hotels, coffee shops, and airports are a delight, but data thieves might be lurking there as well. Obtain military-grade protection over any WiFi network. Connect without the worries of the data being stolen.

  • Full Protection from Online Aggressions – Lots of pop-ups, scams, and annoying ads can also collect user’s data. This is alarming in the sense that they weren’t given permission to obtain information in the first place, but many third parties can still acquire and sell them. PersonalVPN can put a complete stop to unprotected surfing and information capture.
  • Bypass Geographical Restrictions - For common people, it is pleasant to access Netflix movies from other countries that aren’t available to theirs. As for businesses, gaining access to media and content from some parts of the world may be beneficial. With PersonalVPN, users get access to any global VPN gateways it offers.
  • Online Shop Safety – It’s not a new concept. Risks come with online shopping, including exposed home addresses, complete name, mobile number, or wost – card information. Obtain maximum security by using a VPN service. Moreso, using PersonalVPN unlocks some of the great deals while shopping from various virtual places.
  • Defeat Censorship – Some countries placed certain restrictions on social media and website usage. When traveling, this might come in hassle. PersonalVPN can securely find effective workarounds to prevent blocking. Hence, it lets users access whatever they want, even with peace of mind.
  • Maximum Technical Know-HowsPersonalVPN is comprised of networking and security experts, with the most ability and knowledge to secure data. They are a legit and trusted provider for almost 15 years now.
  • No Online Activity Monitoring – It would be absurd to overthrow websites collecting information, but the VPN does the same, right? PersonalVPN is committed to online privacy seriously. In fact, their systems are specially engineered to secure data and protect privacy. They assure that they do not monitor activities or capture logs from any websites or applications – ever.
  • Additional Business Features
    • Easy set-up and account distribution
    • Special VPN business pricing
    • Volume-based discounts
    • No administration or management fees
    • Special volume pricing
    • Secure VPN management dashboard
    • Fastest VPN for business
    • Ultimate reliability

Witopia PersonalVPN Pricing

The great thing about Witopia is that it may be one of the cheapest VPN service, but certainly the best. With customer loyalty and a large customer base, the company continues to grow and expand over the years. With personal VPN’s repeatable and scalable design and infrastructure, it helps businesses and customers grow with them.

They offer three simple and amazingly cheap VPN service like any other.

  • PersonalVPN Basic™ - This entry-level plan includes all VPN services such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, access to the global network, and witopia secure DNS. Moreover, the plan also has optimized super-fast IPsec w/IKEv2, encrypted WiFi, all-day and all-night live chat support. PersonalVPN Basic™ also includes unlimited server switching, NAT firewall, multiple VPN protocols, military-Grade 256-bit encryption, zero logging of internet activity. Lastly, it enables use on a multitude of devices, with five simultaneous connections. It is priced as low as USD 3.06 per month, based on a 36-month plan.
  • PersonalVPN Pro™ - The best-selling plan option includes all VPN services on the basic plan plus enhanced OpenVPN protocol and stealth modes with TOR technology. This plan is priced at USD 4.44 per month, based on a 36-month plan.
  • PersonalVPN Premier™ - Their premium plan includes all VPN service features and everything the Pro plan includes. With this plan, users can add their own VPN router and comes with FREE SecureMyEmail™ encrypted e-mail service. With eight simultaneous connections, this plan is priced at USD 5.83 per month, based on a 36-month plan.

All plans are enabled for the “30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee” program that refunds 100% of the customer’s payment.  Also, monthly plans are on a “cancel anytime” scheme. 

 Witopia VPN Review

Conclusion: Is Witopia PersonalVPN the best VPN service?

Definitely one. In order to obtain full protection for data, employing a VPN will always be one of the best solutions. Certainly, no one wants to be their information tracked and sold to anyone or anywhere. Especially for a business, keeping records and data is as crucial as ever.

VPN may sound complex, but PersonalVPN makes in incredibly simple from purchase to set-up, for the best experience. Since they are very flexible with the platform usage, users may opt to try anytime to see the security and peace of mind that private network brings.

All the more, there’s nothing more reassuring than knowing you or your business is fully protected from all sorts of digital attacks. Get Witopia’s PersonalVPN for the safest, fastest, and most secure data security.

Safe Internet for Business. Try PersonalVPN Now!


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