WPXHosting Review: Is it the Best WordPress Hosting?

Is it the Best WordPress Hosting? Let’s find out!



Running a business website can be exciting and daunting at the same time. It becomes exciting when you see customers going to your site, checking out your products or services, and eventually buying or signing up. However, it becomes a total disaster when your website is experiencing technical issues like bugs, downtimes, lagging, and many more.

As a website owner, you should always be on top of your website performance. Many customers tend never to come back when they see that your website is not accessible. This specific point in the customer journey is essential, so you have to ensure that your website never sleeps.

However, this is not always the case. Many entrepreneurs mistake signing up for a hosting that can’t match the website’s needs. For instance, during sudden spikes in web visitors on a thanksgiving sale, are you sure that your website won’t crash? Or do you face the problem as they happen?

Being proactive is crucial in preventing issues from ruining your business plans. As an online entrepreneur myself, I know what I can do to prevent technical issues from negatively affecting my business - of course, one is by choosing an excellent web hosting. Having reliable hosting will save you from potential headaches in the future, and if you’re lucky, your life will be more comfortable.

In this blog, I’ll be giving you a review of WPXHosting, including its features, benefits, and pricing. Read on to know if it’s the hosting that I will recommend to fellow online entrepreneurs.


Get Ultra-Fast Website with WPXHosting


About WPXHosting

WPXHosting is a managed WordPress hosting provider that offers premium features paired with speedy load times and excellent service. The company started in 2013, led by Terry Kyle as the CEO. Terry’s development of WPXHosting stems from his fair share of experience with inadequate hosting services. He built the company to address the issues that users like him suffered like slow page load times, lack of flexible features, lack of reliable support, and complex control panel.

Seven years after starting the company, WPXHosting is now known to offer the fastest loading time for WordPress websites. Top this off with excellent customer service and affordable plans, and you already know that Terry succeeded in his plans.

What makes WPXHosting good?

Yes, we’re aware that no web hosting is perfect. But there’s the fact that issues can always be fixed. Thus, an excellent web hosting should provide you with functional and advanced features, user-friendly control panel, excellent speeds – all without breaking the bank. Now, let’s dive into what WPXHosting can offer:

Ultra-Fast Loading Times

Having a fast-loading website is essential to your business’ success. It lets you get more web visitors and, in turn, higher conversions. The average page time is currently at 4.5 seconds; anything longer than that will already test your web visitors’ patience.

WPXHosting is known to provide the fastest loading time among all other hosting providers. Many of its customers say that their pages load between 1-3 seconds only even when their websites are heavy on multimedia or plugins. Thus, if you want to cut your page’s loading time, WPXHosting is one to consider.

User-Friendly Interface

If you’re not a technical expert, it’s no surprise if you may need further assistance in setting up since many hosting platforms tend to be too technical. The good news is, that’s not the case with WPXHosting. I like WPXHosting because it’s effortless to use, so that’s already one thing to not worry about. From your dashboard, you can get a holistic view of your account details and get updates on your support tickets, email, website, disk space, bandwidth, and more.

Free WordPress Migration

If you already have an existing WordPress website and is looking for a better hosting, then WPXHosting can be a good option. WPXHosting offers free migration for WordPress websites, making your life a lot easier. Another thing to note is that they can do it in 24 hours! Besides, WPXHosting will also take care of migrating emails associated with your website. Talk about starting flawlessly!

Daily WordPress Backups

WPXHosting will also help protect your data with its daily backup service. It stores your data on a separate server, which lasts for 14 days. In case your website crashes or falls victim to malicious cyber-attacks, you can always retrieve your data with no additional charge.

Email Hosting

WPXHosting comes with email services. Meaning, you can achieve professional-looking email customized to your very own domain name. You can easily set up auto-forwarding to your other email or access it directly through webmail clients like Outlook.  

Security Features

WPXHosting offers enterprise-level DDoS Protection to all its users at no additional charge. This feature protects your website from more massive DDoS attacks, which tends to be the most frustrating issue for online businesses.

24/7 Customer Support

True to his words, Terry did offer reliable customer support. WPXHosting offers a 24/7/365 live chat and ticket support system for all its users’ needs. They also offer a massive knowledge base where you can access resources to help you set up and resolve issues on your own.


Subscription Plans

Now that you know the features that WPXHosting can offer let’s now look at the prices. WPXHosting offers three-tier plans – Business, Professional, and Elite plan.

  • The Business Plan starts at $20.83 and comes with 10GB Storage, 100GB Bandwidth, and WPX Cloud CDN for up to 5 websites.
  • The Professional Plan starts at $41.58 and comes with 20GB Storage, 200GB Bandwidth, and WPX Cloud CDN for up to 15 websites.
  • The Elite Plan starts at $83.25 and comes with 40GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, and WPX Cloud CDN for up to 35 websites.

Like other web-hosting providers, WPXHosting also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that provides you with a refund if you don’t like the service.

Do we recommend WPXHosting?

Suppose you’re looking for a hosting that can provide you with the fastest load times, simple interface, free migration, daily backups, and reliable customer support. In that case, WPXHosting is undoubtedly one we recommend. WPXHosting provides everything you need to run your website efficiently and effectively, so you get more time to focus on your business operations and no time wasted for technical issues.

What do you think of WPXHosting? Leave us a comment below!


Get Ultra-Fast Website with WPXHosting

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