Yahoo Small Business Review: Best Web Host for eCommerce startups


Yahoo Small Business Review


Getting started on your online business is hard. It’s hard, especially since you have lots of stuff to figure out, including inventory management, supplier negotiations, and complex logistics. Building an eCommerce store, however, is not rocket science. If you’re not the technical type of person, then good news - there are many useful tools to help you build your store from the ground up in no time.

The most important things you need to secure are domain name registration and web hosting when launching a website. The domain name will serve as your official website address while a web hosting serves as your online storage which keeps everything on your website, it’s also the one that makes it live so your site audience can access your site anytime. Without a domain name, your site will be inaccessible. Without web hosting, your site will have nothing. In essence, without a domain name and web hosting, your website will be non-existent.

There are tons of available options online, free, and paid. However, you’ll have to be careful in subscribing to services that offer free domain, free web hosting, and all other free promos since many of these are just tactics to lure you in. The main problem with getting caught in these traps is that once the free subscription expires, you’ll have to pay for double to renew the services – thus, you’ll end up feeling deceived. Many beginners mostly overlook this scheme since they tend to jump into any “free” service that seems to offer everything they need, without digging deep into the offer or the company itself.

In searching for the right online tools, it’s essential to know your objectives precisely. Are you only looking at building a small website that can hold less than 50 products, or are you looking at a bigger store that can keep at least 200 products? Do you want to design the site from scratch, or do you prefer to use a ready-made theme? How many business emails will you need? What kind of hosting are you looking for exactly?

In this blog, we’ll give you a closer look at Yahoo Small Business. We’ll dive deep into its services, solutions, pricing, and everything else you need to know on how Yahoo Small Business can help you jumpstart your online business. 


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About Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business is a one-stop-shop for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Yahoo Small Business offers everything you need to build and grow your business online. From Yahoo Small Business, you can quickly launch your website, manage your eCommerce processes, get a Domain and Web hosting for your site, market your products, and customize your business’ email addresses. If there’s anything you need to build an online store, the chances are high that Yahoo Small Business got it.

eCommerce features and plans

When we say one-stop-shop, we mean it. Yahoo Small Business offers a comprehensive tool to build and manage your online business called “Business Maker.” The Business Maker includes business plan creator, finance tracker, domain, hosting, email, point-of-sale, marketing, and a legal package.

In terms of the details, let’s discuss the plans offered for eCommerce. As mentioned earlier, Yahoo Small Business is focused on getting online entrepreneurs started – which you can do with Yahoo Small Business’ Store plans. There are three plans to choose from, depending on the scale of your requirements - Starter, Standard, and Professional subscription plan. It’s important to note, however, that each package can build your eCommerce store successfully. Each of the subscription plans features sharp templates, reliable and scalable allowances, seamless checkout flows, live insights, secure payment gateways, inventory manager, built-in marketing, and shipping integration.

For beginners, you may opt for the Starter plan, which costs for as low as $10.95 per month. The Starter plan comes with unlimited product listings, unlimited storage space, 1,000 email accounts, free domain, a mobile-ready storefront, and a 1.5% transaction fee. You also get to enjoy the following features: Built-in SEO, live insights and Google Analytics integration, credit card and PayPal processing, customer live chat, bulk product import and export, secure storefront, and UPS shipping integration.

The next package is the Standard plan, which has everything on the Starter plan plus a bunch of additional features. These features include upselling and cross-selling tools, gift certificate capabilities, third-party accounting, inventory system integrations, API access for 3rd party solutions, and a 1% transaction fee for as low as $25.95 per month.

Last is the Professional plan, which has everything on the Starter and Standard packages and comes with the lowest transaction fee at 0.75%. The Professional subscription plan is best for growing businesses that can afford up to pay $254.95 per month.

Shared Web Hosting packages

Yahoo Small Business’s Web Hosting plans offer great tools to build your website with a free domain and business email. Each subscription plan includes a high performing server that is exceptionally secure with plenty of storage space. You also have the liberty to choose how you’d like to build your website — using your software or through CMS tool, which can support multimedia integrations. Lastly, you get 24/7 access to customer support. 

Since Yahoo Small Business offers a bit of everything, it’s worth starting with it from zero. Yahoo Small Business provides a three-tiered plan depending on your size – Basic, Advanced, and Premier plan. 

Let’s start with the Basic plan for as low as $2.59 per month. The Basic plan comes with 100GB disk space, 100GB data transfers monthly, ten site pages, 250 email addresses, mobile-ready web design tools, SSL certificates, and a free domain with 100 subdomains. This package is best for hobby sites, professional websites, and blog sites.

Then we have the Advanced plan built for business websites, which you can get for as low as $3.89 per month. This subscription plan has everything on the Basic package plus several advanced features. These features include 25 site pages, 500 email addresses, 500GB disk space, 500GB data transfers monthly, secure FTP file manager, and WordPress blogging. This plan also offers unlimited databases, password protection, backups and restores, PHP 7, Perl 5.8.7, MySQL 5.7.20, and phpMyAdmin (free, open-source add-on), and a free domain with up to 500 subdomains.

Lastly, if you’re expecting a lot of traffic on your website, the Premier plan might be the best option. This plan starts at $4.89 per month, and it comes with everything on the Advanced package plus 1000 email addresses, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, and exclusive registration features.

WordPress hosting packages

If you’ve already heard about WordPress, the chances are high that you would want to build your site through it – being the most popular Content Management System (CMS) tool ever created. If that’s the case, you might want to look at Yahoo Small Business’s WordPress hosting plans. These plans maximize your WordPress site’s performance. Here, you can easily create your website through WordPress – no need for coding skills. Yahoo Small Business has two types of WordPress hosting plans – Starter and Standard, which we’ll discuss below. Each WP hosting plan gives you unlimited website installations to build and grow your online store.

If you’re a beginner, then the WordPress Starter plan is a better choice for you. The WP Starter plan starts at $6.49 per month. This package includes 100GB of disk space, ten email addresses, unlimited visitors to your website, unlimited site installations, easy WordPress installations, 24/7 customer support, secure FTP, advanced scripting and database support (Perl, PHP, MySQL, and more), password protection, SSL certificates, backup tools, web insights via the YSB Insights mobile app, and a free domain plus 100 subdomains.

Then we have the WordPress standard plan, which is perfect for growing businesses. The WP Standard plan starts at $7.49 per month and has all the features in the Starter plan plus 400 subdomains, 40 email addresses, 400GB disk space, and private domain registration.

30-day money-back guarantee

Like most web hosting service providers, Yahoo Small Business also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This policy gives its users plenty of time to use the services and still get a refund if the services do not match their needs. However, the only caveat to this is that the user should agree to this policy’s conditions.

Customer support 

As a beginner in this field, getting a web hosting that can offer 24/7 support is a must. Having around-the-clock support gives you peace of mind knowing that someone’s got your back whenever you encounter any difficulty or issue anytime. With Yahoo Small Business, you get access to its 24/7 ticketing support system and massive knowledge base. Aside from the ticket support system, you can also talk to customer support through phone during office hours from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday to Friday.

Its knowledgebase contains answers to the common issues encountered by other users, user guides to help you navigate your way around the platform, and helpful resources to manage your account quickly. You can also sign up for webinars for more useful information.

What we don’t like about Yahoo Small Business

While Yahoo Small Business proves to be the right choice for budding eCommerce entrepreneurs, it falls short in being the best in terms of providing exceptional customer support with its limited support channels that are available 24/7. It would be nice if it has a 24/7 phone and live chat support like most web hosting providers.

Do we recommend Yahoo Small Business?

If you’re looking to build your online store in no time at a limited budget, then we recommend Yahoo Small Business. This platform offers everything you need to develop a fully-functioning online store without the hassle of integrating multiple channels. With Yahoo Small Business, you get everything covered from back-end to front-end in one platform. This all-in-one solution gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

What do you think of Yahoo Small Business? Leave us a comment below!


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