YouTube for Beginners

Getting yourself out on YouTube is one of the most effective ways that you can get the word out to promote your brand. With over 1 billion viewers who watch every day, you can only imagine the extent that YouTube can give to your business. For marketers, this poses a great potential in reaching their customers.

If you’re reading this blog, then you’re probably looking for ways to jumpstart your YouTube profile – and we’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll be giving you tips on how you can jumpstart your YouTube account so you can easily set up and optimize your YouTube channel.

What you Need Before you Start

Identify your Purpose

Before creating your YouTube channel, it’s important to think things through so as to ensure great results. For instance, you must have an answer first as to why you’re creating a YouTube channel. Are you doing it for customer engagement? Will it be informational, educational, or entertaining? Who’s your target market – are they kids, teens, or adults? Establishing the main purpose of your YouTube account will guide you in making sure that you are consistent with your brand objectives.

Search for your Keywords

Like in SEO, you also need to check the keywords that people use on YouTube to search for video content. This shall give you an idea on what and how people are searching for specific topics, which will in turn, serve as a guide in creating your video content. For instance, if you’re selling drones, aside from only checking “drones” you can also use “how to setup drones” or other how-to and informational videos, which your customers can consume.

Check your Competitors

Once you’ve listed the relevant keywords based on your research, the next step is to see which videos are ranking for those keywords. From there, you can examine the kinds of content that are ranking and your competitors’ strategies with their content creation. There are also tools that allow you to check the tags of the ranking videos, which you can also apply to your content.

Plan your Video Content

After the preceding steps, you should already have a solid foundation on the type of content that you should be releasing. This should give you a guide in creating your content plan. Many YouTubers make the mistake of launching strong but could not keep up the hype, so they slowly go down the radar, eventually losing the interest of their audience. Having a solid video content plan will ensure that you have consistency  – this will help sustain your audience’s interest as opposed to posting one viral video and failing to continue it.

Setting Up Your Account

Creating your YouTube Account

If you want to use YouTube professionally, you’ll need to create a brand account. A YouTube Brand Account differs from a Personal Account since the former has features built for enhanced security, team collaboration and analytics. For instance, if you’re only setting up a Personal Account, then you’ll only have a single log in account as opposed to a Brand Account, which allows for several team members, each equipped with their own log in details – meaning, you won’t have to worry about sharing your log in details from one person to another. I recommend businesses to start with this kind of account, so you won’t have a problem in managing your channel as your business grows.

Another significant feature of a Brand Account is the Analytics. Brand Accounts give you access to Analytics, which provides data on watch time reports, interaction reports, audience engagement, demographics and revenue reports. When used correctly, you’ll be able to make compelling content, which will bring the best value for your channel.

Add Personality to your YouTube channel

Since you’ll run a brand account, you have to make sure that all your branding elements are incorporated to your channel. This will give your channel a more professional look that aligns with your other communication materials / platforms. Of course, if you’re selling kegerators and beer brewers, you can’t be all serious and formal with your account like you’re selling real estate.

You also need to carefully design your graphics to make sure that the images are not stretched out and pixelated. Remember that the images in your profile will add to the visual appeal of your brand, so you want to make sure that your banner and logo are polished.

Complete your Brand Details

Upon completion of your graphics, you need to fill in your account details including your about section. DO NOT put a long introduction about your brand. Avoid complicating it, just make it compelling and brief, enough for your viewers to quickly understand what you offer. Simply link to your website, which your viewers can click for reference, you don’t really need to put in your entire brochure in the about section, no one will read that.

Also, take advantage of this section by including all your contact details and social media accounts. This shall give your viewers a better chance of establishing a connection with you – if they find your video content relevant, chances are – they will check out your IG or Facebook account. Rule of thumb – always take into consideration social media integration!

Verify your Account

This part is a no-brainer. Prior to launching, you need to make sure that your YouTube is already verified. This is to ensure that you get to enjoy all the benefits of a Brand Account.

Creating Content

How to Publish

In YouTube, competition is very high, which means that it’s essential for your content to stand out. The good news is that there are simple practices, which you can adopt including customizing your thumbnails, creating eye-catching graphics, writing interesting video descriptions, and optimizing your title among others.

Be Consistent

In launching a YouTube channel, you must see to it that you can post fresh and new content at a regular interval. Fact is, you won’t be able to get a good following if you only post video content whenever you have time. Take note that for your YouTube channel to be effective, you must also put in the required effort to get ample followers. Hence, starting a YouTube channel cannot be an impulse decision which you will neglect after you get tired of creating videos – you need to be consistent for a long period of time.

Be Realistic

After posting your first video, you should already get a feel of how much work is required for a video to be posted. While posting often is ideal, you must also follow a realistic timeline. If you followed the initial step of creating a content plan, this is the perfect time to adjust it with a realistic timeline, which you’ll be able to meet. It doesn’t have to be strict, it’s best if you will allow some flexibility in times when it seems impossible to meet your deadline.

It’s also important to note that you should not put all your eggs in one basket – meaning, do not publish videos in bulk. Even if you missed a schedule, do not publish two videos the next time. Always post just one video at a time, this will make your viewers focus on one content.

Release Well-thought and Engaging Content

Did you know that YouTube’s algorithm is designed to favor videos with high watch time? Meaning, it’s nonsense if you have the most informational video if no one is watching it till the end. The lesson here is that every video content that you’ll release should be excellent to the point that your viewers will watch it till the end. Otherwise, you’ll just be losing the value of your video. It would also be good to cut your videos into bits and pieces that can easily be digested by your audience.

Only Publish High-Quality Videos

For your brand to look professional, your videos must embody professionalism. For instance, if you are a premium brand, you don’t want to be doing a video shot by a low-quality camera. In YouTube, you need to make sure that all videos that you publish are of high-quality. From the raw videos to the edited version, it needs to be well-planned, well-crafted, and well-edited. This will give your brand a sense of credibility and taste.

Build Playlists

As mentioned, watch time plays a huge role in YouTube algorithm. One way that you can manage this effectively is by organizing your videos into playlists. Viewers can watch from one video to another within the same playlist and thus, boosting the total watch time. It’s also a good way for your audience to discover more related content that they might be interested in.

Social Media Integration

This essentially means that not because it’s video, you should only post it on YouTube. Cross-posting is an effective way to boost your video viewership by sharing your video content on other social media platforms. For instance, since YouTube values external traffic, clicks from Facebook and Twitter can easily boost your YouTube profile. Social media integration also enables you to produce viral videos from your YouTube content.

Content Optimization

Channel Optimization

YouTube is a lot like Google in terms of optimization. To rank for search results, you must first understand the algorithm behind it. YouTube’s top algorithms are:

  • Watch time: The aggregate time spent watching the videos on your channel.
  • Average Percent Viewed + Average View Duration + Audience Retention: The average length of time a viewer watches your videos.
  • Re-watches: The number of times viewers rewatch your videos.
  • Engagement: How often people comment, like, favorite, share or subscribe to your video.

Optimizing Playlists

To optimize playlists, classify your videos with a common subject under a main subject topic. From there you’ll be making it easier for viewers to check your videos. For instance, if you’re selling drones, it would be great if you have a playlist on how to set up or trouble shoot your drone. These kinds of content fall under the same topic, which can be divided into subtopics making it the perfect content for your playlists. Another example is in case you’re selling kitchen fixtures or appliances, then you can create playlists for baking desserts and another for cooking. Basically, it’s just about organizing your channel, which actually makes a huge difference to your viewers.

Optimizing Individual Video Content

Trending videos are never paid placement – this is something that you need to keep in mind once you start your YouTube channel. What this means is that there’s no other way to be viral than through organic views. And what brings organic views? Great content. I cannot emphasize enough why it’s extremely important to release only good content.

Now, once you got that covered, the next thing to do is optimizing your videos. To do this, your videos must be complete with all the necessary details including a catchy title, a brief video description, and keyword tags, among others.

Overall, these are just some of the things I learned in making videos and sharing content on YouTube. If you’re an entrepreneur, make sure to leverage on these tips as you will get real and good advice.


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