Zipify Pages Review: Best Landing Page Builder for Shopify

Zipify Pages Review


Putting a business in the best platform for eCommerce is as important as building an effective landing page to turn site traffic into actual sales. With Zipify, Shopify store owners can convert website visitors into customers. 

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What is Zipify Pages? 

Zipify Pages Review

Zipify Pages
is a compelling landing page, and sales funnel builder for Shopify store owners. It was launched in 2016 by Ezra Firestone as an eCommerce tool, allowing Shopify users to create most high profitable pages. Ezra's extensive experience in eCommerce led him to create Zipify, which helps Shopify store owners, including 8-figure eCommerce stores, grow their business.

What sets Zipify Pages apart from other landing pages builders? 

Zipify Pages Review

Ease of creating pages

As a platform for a thriving business, Zipify allows anyone to create custom pages with ease without web developers' help. It has access to proven and tested pre-made templates with seamless functions. Editing and publishing a page is done simple and easy with its drag-and-drop feature.

Built-in A/B test functions

Split testing does not have to be done in an external tool like Visual Web Optimizer. Trying new ideas and checking its traffic performance can be done in every Zipify pages Plus plan. Saves the business paying for an additional service fee in setting up another platform to use. This is available on Zipify Pages Plus Plan. 

Full Reporting Suite

Zipify has a built-in statistics suite that tracks performance level and traffic status allowing businesses to get accurate data. Zipify will do the work, simply connect Google Analytics account to Zipify, and that's it. Once connected, business transactions, revenue, conversion rate, and average order value are now easily accessible through a robust analytics dashboard. 

Member Area and Blog integration

This dashboard is packed with videos and standard operating procedures with imagery in the training library. It includes topics and subject matters regarding creating Zipify pages. It also has a team of dedicated support staff ready to assist members in real-time every Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Content Marketing or Blogging is a necessary core marketing strategy to scale businesses. With Zipify Pages, Shopify store owners can now publish blogs in Shopify. Compared to WordPress and native Shopify blogs, Zipify does not need to maintain two business sites and custom coding. Zipify blogs are simple, with no editing codes nor additional plugins for customization required. Editing blogs are made accessible because of the drag-and-drop feature that comes with Zipify pages. 


Creating Zipify Pages

There are four types of Zipify Pages which Shopify users can utilize from:

  1. Traditional Shopify Landing Pages;
  2. Long-form Shopify Landing Pages; and
  3. Mini-Site Shopify Landing Pages 
  4. Booster Page
Zipify Pages Review

    Traditional Shopify Landing Pages 

    This type of landing page is image-focused, showing eye-catching pictures of the product from multiple angles. Product descriptions are short, and the "Buy" button is present above the fold. Utilize this style for visual products like clothes, jewelry, home furniture, art, and the likes.

    Long-Form Shopify Landing Pages 

    Unlike Traditional Landing Pages, Long-form is text-heavy. It is highly effective as it gives you the opportunity to say more, visually demonstrate how well a product works by exploring its features and benefits, and give customers an in-depth look at the products. Use this to educate visitors and persuade them to buy, especially with high ticket items. This style if fitted for life-style or story-based products. It may include product reviews, frequently asked questions, story-based awareness video, and previous customer testimonials. For a good example, check out, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, a $20 million/year Shopify brand created by Zipify CEO Ezra Firestone. 

    Mini-Site Shopify Landing Pages 

    As the name implies, it's a mini-site for a product. It is similar to the Long-form product page but breaking it into several smaller parts through the top navigation menu. This style is usually used when a brand consists of one main product.

    Can a business still take advantage of this layout style if they have multiple products? Yes. 

    Creating a mini-site within the official store through the use of a secondary menu located underneath a website's main navigation. The main advantage of using this style is customers will find it easy to see what they are looking for. 

    Booster Page

    A booster page is a tool that requires email opt-in or a thank you delivery page, which can be useful and integrated into the CRM system. The seller is notified every time a customer claims a coupon. Those who opt-in can be directed to the sales funnel. The seller can also send a thank you page with featured products. This feature is only available for Plus Plan. 

    Zipify Pages Pricing

    Zipify Pages comes in two plan bundles: the Basic Plan and Plus Plan, available for monthly or yearly subscription, respectively.

    Basic Monthly is priced at $67 per month, while Plus Monthly is $97 per month.

    A yearly subscription gives a 14% savings with Basic Yearly priced at $697 per year, and Plus Yearly at $997 per year. 

    Both subscriptions come with:

    • Dashboard with Full Reports
    • Proven Profit-driven Templates
    • 2 Monthly Live Sessions
    • Live Chat & Email Support
    • Customizable Scarcity Timers
    • Unlimited Pages
    • 1-Click Light Boxes
    • Shopify Dynamic Product Connections
    • Custom Mobile Only Pages
    • Ability to Use Your Shopify Theme's Header / Footer
    • Zipify Home Page

    While Plus Plan has exclusive access to:

    • Booster Pages
    • Split Testing
    • Shopify Blog Integration

    Zipify Pages offer a 14-day free trial with access to Basic Plan. Purchasing Zipify Pages comes with a 30 Day 100% money-back guarantee. 

    Zipify Pages: Is it worth it? 

    Zipify Pages provides complete control in creating landing pages aside from giving its members access to proven and tested templates. It is easy to use because of its drag-and-drop feature. Basically, it is an eCommerce tool that offers all features under one roof. The most important to take note of is how an 8-figure eCommerce store uses Zipify.

    Zipify Pages is notably the best eCommerce tool for Shopify users in boosting sales and improving user experience. The plan's features are extensive and come at a reasonable price. Plus, it has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, risk-free! Definitely a good investment for business leverage. 

    What do you think of Zipify Pages? Share your thoughts through the comment section below!

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