Zoho Mail Review: Best Email Hosting for Business

Customers are flooded by myriad business emails every day. From sale promotion, social media contests, giveaways, announcements – different emails with different agendas are competing for attention on the inbox. Because of this, customers have also become selective of what they open and what email do they engage in. Instead of creating emails that scream "open me," it is significant to form a sense of trust. A good email must be crafted to make an impression that represents the business.

Therefore, a professional-looking business email must be associated with the business. It is also proven that business emails have a higher chance of being opened rather than personal ones. Professional emails bring recognition and are treated as an extension façade of the company. Hence, it is best to let customers remember and recognize the name of the business in order to gain awareness and build trust.

The search for a business email provider is pretty easy. However, in order to obtain the classic email service, combined with security and seamless collaboration – that's where the challenge comes in. Thankfully, options like Zoho Mail is available for email hosting services. 

Get Secure and Reliable Business Email Solution

Zoho Mail Review

What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail is a hosting email service for businesses. It is a secure and reliable business email solution. It has a built-in collaboration platform that enables seamless communication within the organization and inside the inbox. Zoho Mail is an excellent solution tailor-fit to answer the simple and complex communication needs.

Zoho Mail is well integrated with all the other Zoho applications, as well as popular external applications.

If looking for a safe, private, and ad-free email service, then Zoho Mail is the best business hosting service to fill the requirements.  Please read the next sections of this review for a deep dive into its features and benefits to a business.


Professional, Domain-Based Email

Zoho Mail enables businesses to create a domain for the business and set-up custom email addresses for all the employees. Aside from that, the platform can also create department-focused email addresses in just a matter of seconds. Not only that, it appears professional, but domain-based emails exude the sense of trust that can give the business an extra boost on visibility and recognition.

Powerful Email Tools and Add-Ons

Aside from its classic email functionality, Zoho Mail is loaded with features and tools that take email delivery and creation to the next level. Beyond email, users get an integrated calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and bookmarks right within the inbox, aimed for better productivity. Zoho Mail also promotes seamless collaboration with the team through announcements, task assignments, share notes, and events creation. An excellent built-in functionality called "Streams" makes it fun to work together as it enables like, comment and share inside the platform, like what we do in social media.

Always missing out on the attachments? Zoho mail puts all the files in one place and organized by type so you won’t have to exit the platform and manually search for the file attachment. Preview, upload to the cloud, and resend the file within the Zoho Mail window.

Another feature to note is that the user can preview and share drafts before actually sending out the email. Especially for graphical and content with layout, it is crucial to preview the overall look of the mail. Zoho Mail also enables easy sharing of emails and even an entire folder for a larger audience or during meeting discussions. 

Zoho Mail Review

Smooth User Experience

Zoho Mail has all the features that make up a clean, versatile, and responsive email hosting service. For smooth user email experience, filters are present to filter and search the entire inbox when finding specific emails. Also, rules can also be set-up should users need a particular process to organize emails. Moreover, incoming emails can also be automatically classified and sent into preferred folders to manage the inbox easier.   

When on vacation leave or a long meeting, Zoho Mail can assist and set out an out of office response to inform contacts. The platform also allows adding a custom signature with graphics and links, so the team and the business can use professional and clean signatures for every reply and forward.

Ever had an email dilemma? Can’t remember the sender but can recall the word in the subject line? Fret not because Zoho Mail has an advanced search that scans the inbox entirely, even with the tiniest detail. 

Extensive Control Panel

Manage and control everything in one dashboard. Zoho mail makes it easier to manage and set-up the organization's accounts with its cloud command center that is accessible with desktop, app, or through the web browser, across any device.

It is a powerful control center for all settings, configuration, and customization. Users and administrators can easily increase users, manage group, create and roll out policies to moderate business email content, and more.

Zoho Mail's user management grants super admins and admins the ability to add, remove, or view every user's access level. Moreover, it has the crucial control over password resets for all email accounts under the business. Adding more to the flexibility of this platform is how group email accounts can be managed. Users within the team can be assigned as moderators. This is a feature that not every email service provider offers.

Security over Emails

When talking about email marketing, besides the content concern, security is also the main point where a lot of users on any scale level are highly engaged. Zoho Mail is serious when it comes to the privacy and security of its users. In fact, the platform has a two-factor authentication tier to ensure better and safe access to accounts. Also, the company itself is a GDPR-compliant. Meaning, all emails sent-out adheres to strict email policies. It gives both the business and its employees peace of mind, knowing that they won't violate any email and GDPR guidelines in place while using Zoho Mail.

Broad and Useful Integrations

Being included in the family of Zoho apps already gives users more opportunities to grow and work seamlessly. Zoho Mail is fully connected with tons of apps and external platforms.

  • Zoho Apps – Zoho Mail, Zoho CRM, Creator, Projects, and Docs under one umbrella delivers smooth integrations into the email platform. Imagine getting an excellent email, with tons of functionalities as add-ons. With Zoho mail, users get extra tools to complete more tasks without having to leave the platform or install separate apps.
  • Zapier – Integrated with Zapier, Zoho Mail can be connected to over 750 third-party apps. Moreover, users can easily create custom workflows for easier process management and email automation.
  • Mail-Suite Apps – Additional tools and apps are already integrated and ready to use within the platform. These include event viewer, task manager, contact list, notepad, and bookmarks that can be easily accessed inside the Zoho Mail interface.

    Zoho Mail Review

Zoho Mail Pricing

A professional and safe business email is within reach. On top of that, Zoho Mail offers low-priced plan options that will surely fit any budget. There are three pricing schemes available, namely Mail Lite, Mail Premium, and Workplace. Below are the inclusions breakdown and corresponding price:

  • Mail Lite – 1 USD per user, per month and is billed annually. There is also a 5GB allocation per user. Some of its notable features include email hosting for multiple domains, email routing, offline access, email, and folder sharing. Moreover, it gives users access to streams and collaboration tools, plus domain aliases. Additionally, the Mail Lite plan can clip huge file attachments up to 250MB.
  • Mail Premium – 4 USD per user, per month and is billed annually. The allocation per user is 50GB. This plan has everything in Mail Lite, including huge attachments up to 1GB. It has archival and eDiscovery features, plus email backup and restoration.
  • Workplace – It starts from 3 USD per user per month and is billed annually. This plan is perfect for office set-up as it has the complete communication tool every business need. The workplace plan includes online file manager, online spreadsheet, online meeting software, instant chat, online word processor, and more.

Take note that local taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) will be added to the above prices. 

Trying Out Zoho Mail

There are a lot of business email service providers available in the market. However, Zoho Mail brands itself as the most secure email hosting service there is. With their genuine commitment to data privacy and security, they employ multiple and advanced technologies to prevent any kind of data breach or non-compliance. Equipped with top-notch theft monitoring systems and the latest encryption on the network security system, hacking or leaks will be zero to none.   

Aside from the platform security, Zoho Mail and the company behind it has a commitment to exceeding industry standards in every way possible consistently. Hence, the process, function, and data remain superior.

Have you tried using Zoho Mail? What were the pros and cons? Could you share it with us?


Get Secure and Reliable Business Email Solution

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