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KWFinder Review and Mangools Review: Best Keyword Research Tool for eCommerce

Here is my review of KWFinder which is one of my favorite keyword research tools available online today. 

It is available right now for a free trial if you go to eCommerceParadise.com/kwfinder

To give you an idea of what it looks like, I use an Electric Bike keyword. This is one example of a high ticket dropshipping niche. This is what I used to sell a lot of back in the day. 

According to the application, the electric bike keyword is trending up. That means it is a great niche to get into. They are broken down by keyword, trends, search volume, cost per click,  pay per click competition, and the keyword difficulty. 

On the left side of the site, there is a SERP overview. They will show you the listing that is on Google. You will see who is ranking, domain authority, page authority,  citation flow, trust flow, external backlinks, facebook share, link profile strength, and estimated visits per month. 

You can also change it to just the United States instead of all over the world. 

You can click on the columns and it will sort by ascending or click again to sort by descending. 

You can also export the data to a CSV file or clipboard. 

On the left side, it will show the website that is ranking number one with the keyword that we used. Now that we know the number one website, we can use the website on KWFindaer to find more cool stuff by ranking by domain. 

This is really helpful as you will know what kind of keywords you should target on your website. 

If you click on the left sidebar, you will see that Mangools is the main company, KWFinder also has a bunch of tools underneath it. So you can use SERP Checker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. 

LinkMiner is one of my favorite tools as it will give you an idea of all the backlinks that a particular website has gone to. 

Get started today in improving your website for conversions. Go to eCommerceParaidise.com/KWFinder

Trevor Fenner

Founder of eCommerce Paradise. High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Digital Nomad, Skateboarder, Photographer, Tattoo Enthusiast, and Cat Guy. Currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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