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Teachable Review

Oct 21, 2019 0 comments

Teachable Review 


Teachable Review

I am going to review my favorite eCommerce platform for selling online courses called Teachable. 

It is a cool platform because they make it really easy to set up, organize and promote your online course. 

 To sign up with this platform, go to eCommerceParadise.com/teacheable. Enter your email address and click the Get Started button. 



On the back end, you will see your revenue on a daily basis. You can also check your users, sites, sales, emails, and settings.

You can send emails using this platform to do email marketing. 

 On settings, you can set up Payments, Taxes, Notifications, Plan, Billing, Integrations, Webhooks, Roles, and Beta Program. 


Teachable actually starts off as a free plan. The free plan has some downsides drawbacks. The free package does not give you a custom domain. You will have to use your domain with something.teachable.com. You will also have to wait 30 days to get paid out on your payment for your course. Also, they will take a 10% fee. 


 They will only take a 5% transaction. You will have a custom domain and unlimited students for $39 a month. 


This is what I use as I make lots of money with my course. I want to enjoy 0% on customer gateway. It is directly linked to my stripe and Paypal accounts so I don’t have to deal with teachable payments. I get paid out the same day I am making a sale. It goes right to my PayPal right to my Stripe and the next thing, it will go to my bank account. 


There are lots of integrations a teachable does if you use ConvertKit, Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Zapier. 


I no longer sell it primarily through teachable. I sell it through Shopify however, my course is still hosted through teachable. 


Sales Page 

Checkout Page

Thank You Page


 Teachable allows you to separate things into Module and into Lessons. Within the lessons, you can provide multiple videos. 

You can have unlimited modules and lessons per course. 

As for me, I am working on my 30th module right now on my Masterclass. 


It depends on the size of the course and the market. 


You can set up a drip. It will only allow access to a certain percentage of the course at a certain time. 


If you don’t have a sales funnel builder yet like when I first started, I did not have a sales funnel building software because I just did not want to spend money yet. For instance the ClickFunnels or Zipify for Shopify. You can build your sales funnel on Teachable. 

The way to build a sales funnel in Teachable is by a free mini-course and having a drip email sequence sent to them through the emails. Then pitch them on your paid course from there. 

I highly recommend using it and I love it myself. Just go to eCommeceParadise.com/teachable to get started for free.



Trevor Fenner

Hey there! I'm Trevor, the Founder of eCommerce Paradise. I have been an Entrepreneur since a young kid and I've been selling things online with eCommerce since 2005, and I've been doing High-Ticket Drop Shipping since 2010. I'm an internet marketer, YouTuber, podcaster, digital nomad, and world traveler. I have lots of hobbies including spending time with my girlfriend, Skateboarding, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Photography, Tattoos, Animals. I'm currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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