Bangkok Chronicles Ep. 2

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Woke up to another beautiful day in the big city. Bangkok this time of year is perfect. It's warm, sunny, and humid. The weather in Bangkok throughout the fall and winter months is typically warm and sunny, however, in the summer months, it rains a lot. We lived here over the summer and it rained almost every day. It was actually great because it gave me a chance to build my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass and work on the dropship store.

Here's the view from the roof of my condo this morning.


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Beautiful day in Bangkok. 😍🙏🏼❤️

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The first thing I am doing in the morning now is writing a blog article about the day before, then recording a podcast talking about it. This is the best way to get into an attitude of gratitude, chronicle my life and adventures, and help you guys peer into the life of a digital nomad eCommerce entrepreneur who also does a lot of blogging, podcasting, and coaching.

As soon as I finished up blogging for the morning, I whipped over to True coffee to get caffeinated and get my new squeeze page done on my Shopify store with Zipify pages. I'm really happy how it turned out. You can see it here and get my niches list while you're at it: https://ecommerceparadise.com/99niches

After I finished, I got in my morning workout. I upped my dumbbell weight to 25 lbs each and did an easy set of 10 curls, then 10 pushups, a one-minute plank, 10 sit-ups, 10 crunches, some stretching, and that was it for the morning. I'm starting off with my workout routine really easy because it's been a while and I also don't want to stress my body out too much in the beginning. I can already feel a difference. My core muscles feel stronger and I am already noticing more muscle definition in my chest. It's amazing what working out every day for a little bit can do for you in the long run.

After the workout, I got some work in at my condo's rooftop co-working space. I got some more review article outlines started, and then I took off for lunch. I went to Vegenerie again, my favorite spot for a smoothie bowl.


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So good! 😍🙏🏼

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I headed over to Starbucks right after lunch to dig into a chai tea latte and some more work. First, I checked my email and saw that my buddy Earnest Epps was offering a holiday sales course to teach how to make a great holiday offer. It was only $29 and he is a good friend of mine so I went ahead and bought it. 



After this, I made a plan for my new funnel for eCommerce Paradise. Some things have come to my attention lately that are hurting my SEO ranking, so I made the plan to make adjustments and build out the remaining portions of my value ladder. This is something taught in the book DotCom Secrets by Russel Brunson, a book that changed my life forever.

I started digging in and figured out a way I could actually build my entire membership program and online course on my Shopify store without the need for Teachable. I could use Zipify Pages with the Locksmith app, but it would be a little clunky. So I'm writing Zipify pages to see if they can build a sidebar navigation functionality that can be used with groups of pages. With something like that, I could definitely build a nice online course portal using their page building tools. 

I dug more into the Locksmith app and learned about their Mechanic app which creates a lot of awesome automation you can use to make your life easier. I'll be digging more into that and seeing what it can do later on.

After all this, I made a plan for what to accomplish during my evening work session, then I took a break and got a one-hour massage. Massages here in Bangkok are usually between $5-$10, so I get one pretty much every day, sometimes even twice a day.

After my massage, I headed back over to the same Starbucks again to get my email confirmation funnel completed. Before, I had set up my funnel to send people directly to my mini-course, but this is flawed because I don't ask them to confirm their subscription first, then they get a bunch of emails from me instead of one at a time. So I changed this. I wanted them to consume my free guide first, but not in the form of a free guide, instead, in the form of a sales page for a front-end offer like Russel Brunson talks about in DotCom Secrets

I successfully completed this funnel. So basically, it prompts you to check your email for the confirmation, confirm it, then it tells you to check your email again for the welcome email with a link to the guide. This gets them trained to see your emails, mark them as important and star them, then they get to read your sales page for your front-end product. Next, I am going to build out my front-end product, High-Ticket Drop Shipping Niche Hacks. My goal is to research tons of niches and provide niche research as well as all the tips for finding the best niche for you.

I'll also be creating an inner-circle mastermind group which anybody can join, even those who aren't a member of my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass. The goal here is to do bi-monthly live webinars to answer any questions you have from niche selection to getting suppliers to website design and conversion optimization and beyond. 

After getting all this done and finished planning it out, I discovered that my Leadpages wasn't sending leads to my Convertkit email marketing service for who knows how long. I used Leadpages in the beginning because I didn't know about Zipify pages, but now that I realize for SEO that I should have all the traffic going to my root domain, I have now switched to Zipify pages for building my funnel out. I fixed the link and I'm still getting lead notifications from Leadpages so I need to figure out where they're coming from. I probably used the original link somewhere so I need to dig through my work and find those links.

In the evening I ordered dinner in with my wife. We had vegan mac n cheese along with a litany of other vegan food. It was delicious!


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Love ordering dinner in with her. ❤️

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Today, I'll try to finish the niches list page on Zipify pages which will eventually be the sales page for my niche hacks course. That's it! Thanks for reading. Talk soon.

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