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Ever since I first set foot on Bali, I knew this place would hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. The people, the culture, the food, the beach, the jungle, the temples, the low cost of living, the Balinese massages, everything about this place is amazing. I've been getting tattoos for a little while now, so I wanted to get a tattoo that represented my love for this beautiful Island and vibrant culture. 

barong tattoo - kings tattoo shop in ubud, bali

When we first arrived in Ubud at our hotel Bali Bohemia, the front desk greeter asked me about my tattoos. He mentioned that one of the symbols on my chest looked a lot like the old Sanskrit symbol for ohm, meaning god. 

We got to talking some more and I asked him what the traditional Balinese style tattoos were. He told me about the legend of Barong and Rangda, the Balinese yin and yang. Barong, the bear, protector of the forest, was a force of good, and Rangda, the evil witch, child eater, was a force of evil and they were always battling. 

The people of Bali or very religious. But these tattoos come from before Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam came to Indonesia. They date back to the native tribes and Animism, a non-organized religion that worships animal gods and even assigns god-like meaning to things such as certain words and even energy. Very cool indeed.

The greeter at Bali Bohemia referred me to what he deemed as the Best Tattoo Shop in Ubud, Kings Tattoo. I was excited to go check them out because I had a really good feeling he was right. 

When I arrived I immediately liked the artists. Very friendly and excited to do the work. I originally wanted to get Rangda, the evil lady, on my left leg facing outwards, but in the morning I changed my mind and instead wanted to get Barong on my right leg facing outwards. It felt right. My energy is good, white light, and I want to represent my energy properly to the universe.


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Stencils hanging on the wall of @kingstattooubud

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I woke up early this morning, ate some pancakes for breakfast at the hotel restaurant, rode my motorbike through the monkey forest, and got there to ask them if the change would be ok. They were cool about it, but it would take him an extra hour or so to make the new stencil. I also wanted to add a lotus flower below Barong's head and the artist was happy to do it.


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...And it begins! 🥵

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I made sure to eat a burrito at the taco shop next door before we started so I was feeling good. I also took some painkiller medicine to ease the pain and got my music and iPhone ready. The session was going to take 7-8 hours in total, so I would need some good distractions. This was also my very first tattoo with a machine, so it would be a new experience. So far I have a bunch of Sak Yant bamboo poke tattoos, but they are different but equally as cool.

Throughout the tattooing experience I found that if I had music going and was looking at photos or watching videos, the pain wasn't so bad, and if I was having a conversation with someone via text message, it was almost unnoticeable. So I had long conversations with my mom, my friend Robby, my sister, my wife, and others. I was happy so many people were around to talk to as it made the experience much easier to deal with.



We only took a few breaks about 10-15 minutes each through the whole day. I ate another burrito and some tacos. I took some more pain meds. The process was easy going. The artist is extremely skilled and did an amazing job. After it ended I was blown away. We took pictures together and I left with an amazing piece on my leg. I'm so proud of it!



This tattoo took nearly 8 hours to complete. In that 8 hours, I learned some powerful lessons about success and happiness.

1. Distractions (things that make you feel better) are important, especially in times of pain and suffering. But, the best distractions happen to be music, pictures, videos, movies, and human interaction. So if you ever find yourself feeling down, plug in one of those into your life and you'll quickly feel much better. If I were to rank one above all the rest, I'd definitely say human interaction was the most powerful distraction. During the tattooing process, whenever I was conversing with someone that I didn't even notice the pain of the tattoo anymore. 

2. Pain is good for you. You might not be thinking about getting a tattoo anytime soon, but the truth is that without pain, we wouldn't know how good feeling healthy and relaxed is. A lot of us suffer pain in one form or another on a daily basis and it's important to leverage the pain you feel into the energy that you can use to build your online business into a successful one.

3. Only work with the best. The reason I went to the best tattoo shop in Ubud was that a tattoo is something I'll have on my body the rest of my life and I only want the best artist to do the best work. This is the same attitude I have towards everything I do. I want my brand to stand out as the best place for entrepreneurs to learn about high-ticket drop shipping and eCommerce conversion optimization, but in order to do that, I need to make consistent quality content and market it well. It's easier said than done, but you should always put your best foot forward when creating content for your business, whether that be product descriptions, blog posts, or email messages.

We leave back to Bangkok tomorrow morning. We will be there for 3 full weeks before heading back to the states to see family for the holidays and hang out with my sister who just had a baby boy. I'm very excited to meet him, his name is Henry. 

It's been an incredible 10 days in Bali and I will be writing a lot more posts about our adventures as time goes on. So many good memories. I plan to come back sometime in the late spring when the rainy season starts letting up, which is usually around May. We came last May and it was a great time. Bali is always a great time.



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