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Grow Lights Turnkey Shopify Stores


Discover How To Fast-Start Your Own Profitable High-Ticket Drop Shipping Business with Our Turnkey Shopify Store Package for High-Ticket Drop Shipping

Are you looking to start a high-ticket drop shipping store but don't want to go through all the hassle and time it takes to start up your own eCommerce store?

We are excited to announce that we have built Turnkey Shopify Starter Stores for High-Ticket Drop Shipping in various niches and can build new turnkey Shopify starter stores in the niche of your choice as well.

These Turnkey Shopify Starter Stores come with lots of product categories of high-ticket items and demo products uploaded, and a pre-installed and customized Shoptimized theme that is optimized for closing high-ticket sales. 


Turnkey Shopify Stores for High-Ticket Drop Shipping come with the following assets

  • Shopify hosting
  • Domain name 
  • Demo products uploaded without branding optimized for recruiting suppliers without getting any issues from them about having their products already on your store
  • Customized Shoptimized Theme V4 "eCommerce Paradise Edition" installed and set up. You'll still need to buy your own theme license to legally use the theme on your store. You can do so through our referral link here and use code PARADISE20 to get $20 off the PRO package.
  • Custom Logo 
  • Custom Home Page Banner 
  • All pages pre-built with optimized content 
  • List of premium USA dropshipping suppliers to contact

Pre-Built vs. Custom Built Turnkey Shopify Store

  • We offer pre-built Turnkey Shopify Stores in a variety of profitable niches. You can see niches and available stores within each product listing.
  • We can custom build you a Turnkey Shopify Store in 2-7 business days depending on our current volume of store building projects. We always prioritize client work over internal work so we try to deliver the stores as fast as possible.
  • If you want to have a custom store built, simply provide us with the product categories and your domain name if you already bought it, otherwise, we can choose a domain name for you and buy it on your behalf included for free with your purchase. If the custom niche is within our niches list, then we can provide the categories for you, but if it's outside our niches list, then you'll need to provide us with your product categories.
  • We will contact you as soon as you complete your purchase to begin the asset transfer process for pre-built stores or to begin the store building process for custom-built stores. 

Bonuses that come for FREE with every starter store you buy from eCommerce Paradise

  • For a limited time only, you'll get lifetime access to the High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass with your order of a pre-made turn-key store ($1,497 Value). Get more info about what's included in the High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass here
  • Concierge business asset transfer service ($97 Value)
  • A 60-minute coaching session to discuss your goals and a strategy for success ($197 Value)

Not sure which niche to choose?

  • Get my free list of the 99 most profitable niches for high-ticket drop shipping here.
  • Get my niche research and supplier recruiting course here.
  • Get a 60-minute private coaching session with Trevor Fenner of eCommerce Paradise to decide which niche you should choose here

Disclaimer: Your success with this store is based on your effort, skills, knowledge, and experience. No guarantees are made. If you get stuck, you can take advantage of our courses, services, and coaching to help you make your store profitable. All sales are final.


  • How long does it take to deliver an eCommerce Paradise Pre-Built Turnkey Shopify Starter Store for High-Ticket Drop Shipping?

  • How long does it take to build a custom store?

  • Does the store come with a list of suppliers to get accounts with?

  • What pre-built stores do you have available?

  • Is there a lot of competition for these niches?

  • If you do drop shipping yourself, why not just build your own stores more instead of selling starter stores?

  • Why do your turnkey Shopify starter stores cost so much?

  • Why are the products unbranded demo products? Why don't you add real products?

  • Can you also recruit suppliers for me, upload products, set up my email marketing and my Google Ads? 

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