Scale Your High-Ticket Drop Shipping Business 90-Day Coaching Program

Scale Your High-Ticket Drop Shipping Business 90-Day Coaching Program

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Scale Your High-Ticket Drop Shipping Business 90-Day Coaching Program Overview

Have you achieved $10,000 in sales in a single month? Are you looking to 10X your business? Today, more than ever before, niche eCommerce businesses are able to make a big dent in their marketplace. I've grown multiple drop shipping websites to beyond a half-a-million dollars in sales per year and I have learned a lot about scaling in the process.

This one-on-one coaching program lasts 12-weeks and includes weekly video calls and unlimited email or messenger communication 24/7. 

My mission is to show you how to 10X your business and avoid the growing pains of trial-and-error scaling. I know which marketing methods are worthwhile and which aren't. I know what works, so you can trust me to show you the best way to scale. 

Coaching Program Outline and Schedule: 

  1. Week 1: Look at your business in its current state and decide which marketing methods and growth strategy to use to scale your business, set goals to achieve by the end of month 1.
  2. Week 2, 3, and 4: Take action and achieve the goals set in week 1. 
  3. Week 5: Look at your work and see what you got done and what you didn't get done, look at the results, then decide which growth strategies work best and move more in that direction. Set goals for month 2.
  4. Week 6, 7, and 8: Take action and achieve the goals set in week 5.
  5. Week 9: Look at your work and results, decide which growth strategies work best, and continue in that direction.
  6. Week 10, 11, and 12: Take action and achieve the goals set in week 9. Take a look at the last 12 weeks and see what goals were achieved and which weren't. Look at the results of all the goals and which strategies resulted in the most growth. Decide whether to continue with another 12-weeks of coaching or not. 

Coaching Program Includes: 

  • One Coaching Session Per Week ($2,364 Value)
  • Unlimited private email and messenger correspondence 24/7 during the course of the 12-week program. ($9,997 value)
  • Lifetime Access to the high ticket drop shipping masterclass ($1,997 value)
  • Custom Shopify theme optimized for conversions - I custom made this theme, you can't find it anywhere else. ($497 value)
  • Scaling checklist to make sure you understand all the different marketing avenues you can take and what each one involves ($497 value)
  • Standard operating procedures to help you manage your business ($497 value)


  • Your eCommerce drop shipping store must be a niche store making at least $10,000 in sales per month.
  • You must be selling high-ticket products like I outline in my free drop shipping course.


  • The success guarantee depends on your work. If you take action and do what I tell you to do, you will find success. If you don't put in the time or do what I say or try to take shortcuts without prior approval, you will most likely not succeed. I can't guarantee your success with this coaching program unless you do exactly what I tell you to do.