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Turnkey Shopify Store for High-Ticket Drop Shipping

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Turnkey Shopify Store for High-Ticket Drop Shipping Package Overview



Are you looking to start a high-ticket drop shipping store but don't want to go through all the hassle and time it takes to start up your own eCommerce store?

We are excited to announce that we can build a high-ticket eCommerce Dropshipping store in the niche of your choice. These eCommerce stores come with lots of product categories of high-ticket items and demo products uploaded, and a pre-installed and customized Shoptimized theme that is optimized for closing high-ticket sales. 


Starter stores come with the following assets

  • Shopify store
  • Domain
  • Demo products uploaded
  • Custom Shoptimized Theme V4 "eCommerce Paradise Edition" installed
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Banner
  • All pages pre-build with optimized content 
  • List of dropshipping suppliers to contact

Bonuses that come for FREE with every starter store you buy from eCommerce Paradise

  • For a limited time only, you'll get lifetime access to the High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass with your order of a pre-made turn-key store ($1,497 Value)
  • Concierge business asset transfer service ($497 Value)
  • You'll get 1 30-minute coaching session to discuss your goals and a strategy for success ($197 Value)

Requirements before purchasing

Before you buy this starter store, please purchase your Shoptimized theme license using our referral link here: https://ecommerceparadise.com/shoptimized

*Get $20 off the PRO Package with code PARADISE20

By doing so you'll have full access to Shoptimized support as well as all the updated versions of their theme and their app. 

The theme included in these starter stores is a customized version of V4 created by Trevor Fenner of eCommerce Paradise.

Shoptimized continues to update their theme every year, so you'll be able to use this optimized theme version that works great for high-ticket drop shipping, or you can choose to update the theme to the newest version to stand out from the rest of the stores. 

Disclaimer: Your success with this store is based on your effort, skills, knowledge, and experience. No guarantees are made. If you get stuck, you can take advantage of our courses, services and coaching to help you make your store profitable.

Customer Reviews

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