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Our Ecommerce SEO Service is just what you need to get your website pages boosted in the google organic search rankings for your target keywords. 

Our e-commerce SEO service packages include 3-months of service each. If you are satisfied with our work and wish to have more work done, you can order another 3-month package when your package is completed.

We include a private consultation with each package to determine the best strategy to boost your organic rankings.

What we need when you order:

  1. Your domain
  2. Your main target keyword (niche) and relevant target keywords
  3. Your main category/collection page(s) that you want to rank and the target keywords 
  4. Your main product page(s) that you want to rank and the target keywords for each product (usually includes the brand name, model name, SKU number, and relevant generic keywords)
  5. Priorities for which categories/collections and which products to focus on first.

Each package comes with an initial internal SEO audit. We will audit your site to make sure it's optimized for SEO and fix any issues you may have that will hinder your success from driving backlinks to build your link profile and domain authority.

Package options:

  1. Green (10 links per month Under 30 DR)
  2. Gold (10 links per month 30-50 DR)
  3. Platinum (10 links per month 50-70+ DR)