We are a cutting edge, high-tech firm out of Seattle developing the next generation of online eCommerce training that has both huge B2C and B2B applications.

The creator, Trevor, has been building and running eCommerce stores for over 10 years. He has used many platforms like eBay, eCrater, Amazon, Houzz, Wordpress and Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Clickfunnels, and now he focuses all of his efforts on building his own stores with Shopify.

In the beginning, he sold things he owned, did garage sale flipping, and even dumpster diving behind the warehouse where he worked to find products that he could sell on eBay (and he made a lot of money doing it too!).

But then he discovered a special online eCommerce business model called High-Ticket Drop Shipping that has HUGE upside potential with very little downside risk.

Within weeks he had his own website up and running, a wholesale account with a real USA-based drop ship supplier, and Google ads running targeted traffic to his product listings. Within days he got his first profitable sale and the rest is history. 

Now, right now, they just released a free course on high-ticket drop shipping.

This is a FREE 3-video series that will teach you how to:

  • Become Location Independent So You Can Work From Home In Your Underwear or From The Beach On Your Laptop
  • Millionaire Mindset Secrets So You Will Have What It Takes To Become Successful No Matter What Obstacles You Encounter
  • The High-Ticket Drop Shipping Blueprint For Launching A Profitable Shopify eCommerce Store In 30 Days or Less

Our analysts indicate that the high-ticket drop shipping opportunity is better than ever before and it’s only going to grow more.

In the case of the High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass, based on every technical factor out there, we are looking at a grand-slam home run.

The only problem?

There are only a few seats left!

Let me lock in your spot in the free course right now and get back to you with an exact confirmation, sound good?

Sign up for the free 3-video mini-course now before it’s too late >> https://ecommerceparadise.com/pages/niches-list-opt-in-page

Thank you for your vote of confidence and welcome to eCommerce Paradise.

Trevor, Creator of eCommerce Paradise

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