Top 10 Best Drop Shipping Products for High-Ticket Dropshipping

What Are The Best High-Ticket Dropshipping Products?


Setting up a dropshipping business can be exciting, frustrating, and horrifying at the same time. Like any other entrepreneurs, you will certainly experience ups and downs along the way. The most important thing is that you learn from your mistakes and that you’ll do better the next time. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the right products to sell.

Choosing a niche for your dropshipping business is certainly one of the most difficult things to do. The most common mistake that many entrepreneurs do is jumping directly and selling products instantly without conducting market study and research first. In fact, many people are under the impression that what works for others will definitely work for them. However, that is not entirely true, and it may even be a recipe for disaster.

Many dropshipping businesses fail because they have no solid foundation, they are built to go with the trends and they survive by copying other businesses’ strategy. Such practice is fatal and will not be sustainable in the long-run. When I say solid foundation, I mean offering high-quality products paired with reliable service.

Choosing the right products to sell will ultimately determine your business’ potential. There are tons of variables that you need to consider when deciding which products to sell. Essentially, to make your dropshipping business sustainable, you must make smart decisions by choosing niche products that are strategic and practical.

In this blog, we’ll give you a list on some of the best products to sell, which are proven to be effective, practical, marketable, and profitable.

But first, let’s talk about the better version of dropshipping...

High-Ticket Dropshipping: Bigger Margins and Faster Returns

So, are you interested in taking your business to another level by offering high-ticket products? High-ticket dropshipping is a kind of dropshipping business that only focuses on high-value items. Essentially, these are items that cost $1,000 on average. These include furniture, gadgets, electronics, and more.

High-ticket dropshipping is the better kind of dropshipping as it comes with bigger margins, better profitability, and faster returns. Since products in high-ticket dropshipping have higher cost, you get bigger margins and better flexibility in pricing as opposed to traditional dropshipping wherein your profitability is limited to a small margin. That is also exactly why high-ticket dropshipping offers faster returns. To give you a better understanding, here’s an in-depth explanation on what is high-ticket dropshipping.

Secrets to Dropshipping Niche Selection

Find a Product with a Perfectly High Price Point

When selecting a product for dropshipping, we recommend that you choose products that cost on average at least $1,000. These products are not cheap but are not extremely expensive for consumers. We don’t recommend you to sell items that cost above $3,000 since these products typically demand a more advanced sales process and more after sales engagement.

Find an Unsaturated Market

Securing yourself a space in the eCommerce industry means checking if there’s still an available spot for you. If you’re looking to sell a product in a saturated market, then you’re only planning to fail. The good thing about selling expensive items is that not everyone can compete with you unlike when you sell cheap products, almost anyone can crash into the market. Of course, you’ll find successful competitors in high-ticket dropshipping. However, they’re not too many and certainly, you’ll be able to secure  a spot for yourself.

Find Efficient and Reliable Suppliers

Finding a reliable supplier is just as important as finding a good product. Obviously, a rock star product is worthless when your supplier can’t even deliver it on time and in good condition. Ensuring that you’re working with a reliable supplier will surely save you from future headaches. It’s also important that you deal with many suppliers as much as possible so that you have a back-up plan in case one underdelivers. 

Since high-ticket dropshipping is our focus for this blog, we’ll be giving you a list of the best high-ticket products that you can sell for your dropshipping business.

1) Planters

Indoor gardening is getting much traction nowadays. This is mainly because the pandemic has triggered people’s interest in growing fresh greenery in their homes. From herbs, to mushrooms, to wall plants, more and more people simply prefer to grow plants indoors nowadays. This niche is good because it’s relatively new and is easy to sell to gardeners, chefs, and even to hobbyists who newly discovered their fondness for plants.

2) Standing Desks

More and more people are learning the value of health and lifestyle. People are now transitioning to being more active and healthier to protect themselves from illness. That is why employers and employees are constantly finding ways to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, one of which is by switching to standing desks. This product is a sure fire hit amongst employers who are helping their employees shift to a better lifestyle.  


3) Illuminated Mirrors

This is one of the coolest things in the home decor segment today. Gone are the days wherein mirrors and lights are separate, now, you can have them both in one package. More and more flippers and designers are shifting to illuminated mirrors because of its functionality and aesthetics. With this product, homeowners will surely come running to you.

4) Adjustable Beds

What better way to end the day than with the most comfortable and flexible bed? Adjustable beds are built to help you feel more comfortable and allows you to have a restful sleep. This one is for sure a good investment that many homeowners would want to have. Just add this to your home collection and wait for sales to come knocking in!

5) Gun Safes

If your market includes hunters, then gun safe should definitely be at the top of your list. This product works best for hunters who are looking for a safe place to hide their ammo.

6) Electric Fireplaces

Another cool item is an electric fireplace. Electric fireplace offers the same warmth but without the nuisance of smoke and all the other hazards that come with a traditional fireplace. It’s simply the perfect fireplace for customers who prefer safety and aesthetics.

7) Outdoor Playsets

This product is best for families who are looking to invest in something that will certainly give their kids a good childhood experience that they will never forget. If you’re offering home and garden items, then this should be there.

8) Kitchen Islands

This indoor kitchen essential is surely a good buy for mothers and chefs alike. Since more and more people are leaning towards their passion for baking and cooking, kitchen islands are now selling faster more than ever.

9) Water Filtration System

Since people are now careful about what they eat, they want to make sure that the same goes with the water that they drink. That is why water filtration systems are making headlines for themselves as more and more households are utilizing this technology for safer water. This is surely a good niche as you can target all kinds of homeowners.

10) Espresso Machines

Millions of people around the world are addicted to coffee. Thus, when you sell espresso machines, you can only imagine the market that you can serve. Plus, this product is fairly easy to sell and can be sold directly to consumers, businesses, and employers.

Bonus 1) Pet Doors

For pet lovers, this product is a hit! This is a good niche as it’s really easy to sell and there’s not much technicalities that go with it. Basically, it’s basically a straightforward product that any pet parent can fully understand.

Bonus 2) Foosball Tables

Gaming tables are now getting traction now more than ever as more and more people are building entertainment spots in their own homes. That is exactly why gaming tables like foosball tables are a good niche as it’s something that many homeowners invest in to fill their entertainment room. Plus, it’s a cool touch for people who love to hold parties in their place!

The Key to Success in High-ticket Dropshipping

Are you a late comer in the eCommerce industry? Don’t worry, it’s not yet too late! But first, you need to know the basics. Here are the things that you need to set up before launching your high-ticket dropshipping business.

In establishing your high-ticket dropshipping business, deciding on which products to sell is just one of the many things that you gave to decide carefully. While one decision may be excellent, one simple mistake may cause your entire business to fail. With High-ticket dropshipping, you can earn up to 7-digit revenue – but only when done properly. Hence, having a full understanding of high-ticket dropshipping is essential. Read our blog to learn more.

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