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High-Ticket Dropshipping Masterclass

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Learn how to start a high-ticket dropshipping store in this all-in-one on-demand online video course. I have over 10 years of experience dropshipping expensive products and I have learned what works and what doesn't so you can skip all the tedious trial-and-error and get right to the stuff that works. 


  1. High-ticket dropshipping for beginners
  2. Business formation
  3. Niche selection and competitor research
  4. Supplier recruiting
  5. Store building and optimization
  6. Marketing and Advertising
  7. Scaling

If you're looking for some private coaching along with the course, you can choose from those options in the drop-down menu before you order. 

Disclaimer: This business model isn't for everyone. If you want to learn if this business is right for you, take my free course first. Your results depend on the amount of work you put into your business. You may end up spending a few hundred or up to a thousand dollars or more to start your business up before you start making profits. However, thanks to the dropshipping business model, you can open an online retail store without having any upfront inventory costs, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory costs to start up your business.