Klaviyo Review: Best Email Marketing App for Shopify


Writing an engaging, and read-worthy email is a challenge. It’s a constant hit or miss, depending on the business’ transmission and receivers’ reception. Likewise, growing the mailing list and encouraging return visitors is also half as difficult.

There are loads of guidelines to watch out for when sending out great emails for campaigns—various do’s such as leaving good impressions, politeness, buying preference, or out-of-the-box communication. For a typical ecommerce business, juggling all of the best points might be too much. Being particular with the standard might turn the brand into just an additional email noise. And no business wants to be like that. The goal for email marketing will always be to be unique and stand out among all other email campaign clatters that flood the receiver’s inbox every day. 

Thankfully, email marketing platforms are developed to ease business uncertainties like those mentioned and digital marketing in general. Email marketing tools effortlessly eliminate all the guesswork, so businesses can focus on growing the mailing list or spend more time formulating enticing promotions. By adopting email automation services, businesses can save heaps of time and money as well.

No matter what online store format, email marketing is necessary – even for stores enrolled in ecommerce platforms. As proven to be one of the most significant and profitable ecommerce marketing methods, email marketing is an essential tool to venture in.  

Hence, this review will deep dive into an email marketing automation service called Klaviyo, and why is it considered to be one of the impressive email marketing services. 


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What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo Review

Klaviyo is an ecommerce marketing automation platform that enables users to build and launch powerful digital campaigns. It is considered to be the best software platform for marketing any business that sells online. Anchored in code, customers, and design, Klaviyo provides businesses with comprehensive tools, technology, and direction to be a fast-growing brand.   

As a customer-centric business, Klaviyo made it possible to gather and store customer data, and at the same time, build experience. These data are efficiently used to create seamless shopping experiences and track results across multiple channels, such as email.

Trusted by ecommerce leaders and thousands of companies in over 80 countries, Klaviyo takes email marketing a notch higher to increase conversions and sales.

Launched in 2012, Klaviyo is now housing more than 350 employees in their Boston HQ and spread across the rest of the world. With over 30,000 customers and counting, Klaviyo envisions these entrepreneurs to turn into brand rockstars through the use of their platform.


Easy Ecommerce Automation

Automated processes act as a 24/7 money-generating tool for business. Klaviyo has all the advanced features every ecommerce business needs to automate. Automate with speed, sans all the complexities that come with it.

With Klaviyo, customer experience is a sure win. Map the perfect customer experience with Klaviyo’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Layout and have fun on creating the customer journey from end-to-end like it’s just another basic campaign to run.

Moreover, Klaviyo has a simple solution to test and optimize automated emails through it’s A/B testing feature. Users can experiment on different subject lines, contents, or timing so as to secure a perfectly-crafted mail.  

Just like any other email campaign services, Klaviyo can also perform email automation through triggers. One advantage, though, is its smart split and branch email feature. Klaviyo lets users split and branch emails within a series. For example, businesses can extract the check-out data and send completely separate emails for those who’ve ordered more than 100 and those who’ve ordered less than 100. Splitting and branching emails can be simply done through trigger set-up.

In addition to what makes Klaviyo, the simplest but most powerful ecommerce marketing platform is the different sets of data integrated into the email sequences. Klaviyo makes use of behavioral data, customer data and integrated data to create a more harmonious and personalized, email drips.

With Klaviyo, there are limitless options for email automation. 


Personalized Campaigns

Creating strong customer relationships while maximizing sales and revenue is possible with Klaviyo. Instead of just plain blasting emails, Klaviyo utilizes targeting in order to result in a more engaging newsletter, promotions, or announcements.

Klaviyo’s set-up wizard enables users to design and send highly targeted emails in just a short period.   Through its drag and drop editor or HTML coding, each store can create visually-impressive emails according to the brand’s colors, with a logo. Designs can also be saved for continuous use.

For every email campaign, it is vital to segment – because let’s face it, a one-size-fits-all concept just doesn’t fit when doing email marketing. Gratefully, Klaviyo is exceptional in that department.  Segment or create groups according to criteria, or select groups to include or exclude in the campaign. At each content, users have the option to send personalized product recommendations or share news and announcements to engage more customers.

Speaking of sending, Klaviyo can also improve the deliverability of emails with its Smart Sending feature. Land to the inbox regularly with targeted content, strategic sending, and segmented campaigns. Smart Sending boosts deliverability for better campaign results.


Personalized Social Advertising

Effortlessly grow and personalize social media marketing with Klaviyo.  Create and deliver messages across Facebook and Instagram in order to establish better customer relationships.

One great feature of Klaviyo is it can sync its data and lists. Create and sync custom and lookalike audiences to Facebook, even without coding or manual transfer. Users won’t have to worry about the frequent update and addition to the mailing list because it can easily be mirrored to social media.

Ever browsed social media and suddenly the product you’ve been eyeing from an online store is part of the feed? It’s social advertising at work. Win back customers or target the cart abandoners. Klaviyo’s growth tactics can tap specific groups on social media and show them personalized or product-centric ads from the shop.

More on growing the list, Klaviyo’s smart segmentation features permits a combination of email and Facebook audiences to target and find the best customers on the social page. 


SMS Marketing

Personalize and automate even through text. Klaviyo’s SMS Marketing feature can be set-up in seconds. With just a couple of clicks, text messages are ready to engage and build a set of lucrative customers right away.

How does it work? Klaviyo automatically ensures text messages are only sent to customers who opted-in. Since they allow access to their phone numbers through the check-out process, users won’t have to fear managing consent. In order to launch an SMS campaign, it is imperative to define the ideal audience. Then, personalize every message and send it. Easy peasy.

One thing to note is that Klaviyo doesn’t charge a platform fee or require any upfront commitments, on SMS marketing. Users pay for what they send. It also allows the setting of maximum monthly spending to stay under the budget range.

Klaviyo can manage and deliver all forms of customer communications using a single platform— may it be email, SMS, app, and web push notifications.


Powerful Email Segmentation

Klaviyo Review

As part of its customer-centric principle, Klaviyo is the only email service provider that updates its segments automatically. This is really an excellent feature since most of ESP users worry about maintaining and updating the list every time.        

Building segments using behavioral and transactional data is obtainable with Klaviyo. Effective segmentation usually results in a more defined and well-targeted promotions that generate sales. Aside from behaviors, users can also target based on events like buying or subscribing to a list.  

Klaviyo’s flexible targeting options can also Specify multiple conditions for segments like name or age-specific. 


Effectively Grow List

It follows – a growing list is an increasing sale. With Klaviyo’s intelligent set of tools, turning web traffic to subscribers is an easy task.

When talking about web traffic, these are the first-time visitors, frequent window shoppers, fans, shoppers, VIPs, and more. Welcome and communicate with these visitors with any forms such as flyouts, pop-ups, embedded form types, profile, segment, URL, and location targeting. 

Furthermore, Klaviyo forms are designed to get more information from the customers. The data collected is automatically stored and immediately available. This gives businesses an edge to communicate with them on a much more personal level because of the information gathered.  


More Klaviyo Features

  • One-Click Integrations
  • ROI-Based Reporting
  • Powerful Segmentation
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Website Tracking
  • Pre-built Autoresponders
  • Dynamic Data Blocks
  • Email Personalization
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • Drag and Drop Email Design
  • Triggered Emails
  • Email Newsletters
  • Automated List Imports
  • Sign-up forms and Pop-ups
  • A/B Testing
  • Abandoned Cart Series
  • Smart Sending
  • Custom Integrations
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • GDPR and TCPA compliant

Klaviyo Integration

Klaviyo Integration

Collect more audience insights and personalization possibilities with more marketing app integrations.

Klaviyo can get businesses started with the integrations in just minutes – no complicated coding and set-up required. Klaviyo’s open API enables the creation of direct integrations should there is a need to connect with custom platforms.

Some of the available Klaviyo integrations include Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce, WooCommerce, ReCharge, Aftership, Privy, and Facebook.


Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo has a similar pricing scheme as any other email marketing service provider. The price is dependent on the number of email contacts.

Klaviyo also has a free plan that can be great for those trying-out email marketing for the first time or would just want to scale the performance of the platform first.

There are no fixed plans for Klaviyo, but here is a glimpse of the flexible pricing system for reference.

  • Free – Support for up to 250 contacts and 500 email sends. 
  • 100 Contact Plan – $50 per month for up to 1,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat support.
  • 1,500 Contact Plan – $75 per month for up to 1,500 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat support.
  • 3,000 Contact Plan – $150 per month for up to 3,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat support.

The maximum pricing option is $1,700 per month for up to 146,000 contacts. Those with high numbers of contacts are eligible for an account manager.


Klaviyo: Is it the best email marketing app?

After a run-through of Klaviyo’s features and impressive advantages, it is yes.

Email marketing is a fantastic vehicle to build relationships with the customers, as well as engaging them further for loyalty. Klaviyo is powerful enough to create strong email methodologies that will go hand in hand with the rest of the marketing strategies.

Aside from email marketing, Klaviyo has some excellent highlights that go beyond just an email platform. It is definitely an all-in-one marketing tool for ecommerce and Shopify, as it taps social media marketing, and SMS too. Klaviyo’s sleek interface and easy to learn controls make automation a breeze.

By using Klaviyo, the mailing list is secured to be populated with only targeted prospects and customers that are eager to read the emails and buy from the store.

Do you have any experience in using Klaviyo? Comment them down on the space below and let everyone know.


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