• What Pre-Built Turnkey Stores Do You Currently Have Available?

  • How long does it take to deliver a Turnkey Shopify Starter Store for High-Ticket Drop Shipping?

  • Does the store come with a list of suppliers to get accounts with?

  • Is there a lot of competition for these niches?

  • If you do drop shipping yourself, why not just build your own stores more instead of selling starter stores?

  • Why do your turnkey Shopify starter stores cost so much?

  • Why are the products unbranded demo products? Why don't you add real products?

$1,997.00 $998.50*
$4,997.00 $2,498.50*
$3,497.00 $1,748.50*

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    • What are the differences between the beginner, intermediate, and advanced packages?

    • How long will it take to recoup my investment?

    • Delivery time notice and disclaimer

    • Is There A Financing Option?

    • Do you take a percentage of sales or ownership stake in the business?

    $9,997.00 $4,998.50*
    $19,997.00 $9,998.50*
    $14,997.00 $7,498.50*