Traveling Mailbox Review: Best Virtual Mailbox Service for Business

I’ve been traveling the world while running my eCommerce businesses for over 3 years now. I first decided to sell all my stuff, move out of my expensive apartment in Los Angeles, and start traveling full-time in 2015 after I sold my first high-ticket drop shipping store. At that time, I used my personal address for all my mail, but I needed to get a mailing address that would allow me to receive mail and scan and read it while on the go. I discovered the virtual mailbox aka virtual office service around this time. 

I also discovered that virtual mailboxes offer you an extra layer of privacy protection from prying eyes online. Additionally, it makes your business look more professional because when someone looks up your address, they don’t find a house, they find a strip mall or office park. This can help when getting approved by suppliers. So I did some research to find the best virtual mailbox service and found a couple of options to compare. First, I found Earth Class Mail, then I found Traveling Mailbox. Both are similar services, but Earth Class Mail has a more modern user interface on their website and also comes with a higher price tag. They had a testimonial on their homepage from Tim Ferris who apparently used their service at the time of my research.

I decided to look into Traveling Mailbox more since they were much less expensive, actually less than half the monthly cost. I documented what I found about Traveling Mailbox in this article.


Click Here To Get Your Virtual Office Address with Traveling Mailbox Now


What Is Traveling Mailbox and How Does Traveling Mailbox Work

Traveling Mailbox is a virtual mailbox aka virtual office service that gives you a commercial business address, mail receiving, and service that scans and emails you a PDF of every piece of mail. They can also scan the front and back of credit cards that arrive for a minimal fee and even accept packages on your behalf. It’s easy to use their app and you can even set up automation so they are automatically open and scan your mail for you, saving you lots of time.


Features and Benefits of Traveling Mailbox

  • Every piece of mail is scanned and emailed to you so you can easily view your new mail from anywhere you happen to be. 
  • You can automatically have your mail opened and scanned and emailed to you, further simplifying the process.


Case Study: How I Became A Digital Nomad using Traveling Mailbox for Personal and Business Mail Processing

When I decided to start traveling the world in 2016, I wanted to move my personal residence out of California so I wouldn’t have to pay their 9% state income tax. I’m originally from Washington state (which is one of the states that doesn’t have an income tax) and my family still lives out there, so it was easy for me to fly up there, establish my virtual mailbox address, and use that to get my WA state drivers license and register to vote. They didn’t give me any issues with the address other than the awkward moment when the agent asked me why my apartment unit number was so long. I just replied naturally that its a new building and is quite big. They nodded in agreement and stamped my papers. It was super easy. I still use this address today and don’t have to pay state income tax since I live abroad as an ex-pat digital nomad, mostly in Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, and other SE Asian countries.

You can do the same thing once you establish a high-ticket drop shipping business that’s pulling in $3-$4k per month and you’re ready to go nomadic. It’s a lot easier than you might think. I started my nomadic journey in Chiang Mai, Thailand where I spent months acclimating to Thailand in a city that’s very foreigner-friendly, cheap, safe, and fun. After this, I traveled to places like Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Cebu. Today, I have a fully furnished luxury condo in Bangkok with a rooftop pool and co-working space. It’s amazing, and still cheaper than a very budget apartment in a bad neighborhood Los Angeles.

You can do this easily in states like Washington, Florida, South Dakota, and Texas. Other states that don’t have an income tax are harder to get to or not as friendly about establishing a residence, like Nevada.


How to Install and Setup Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is easy to start. Simply click here, and click sign up. You’ll be asked to choose the city of your liking. Next, you’ll place your order and you’ll get your professional commercial business location address shortly. When you’re ready to get into your mailbox, just log in and turn on automation to always open and scan your mail. This makes life really easy while traveling and will free up your time so you can really live the four hour workweek. Then, just change all your addresses to your new address. It’s that simple. When you go to establish residence, they may ask for a utility bill to prove you live there. Simply have your cell phone bill sent there as well as a bank statement and print those out to bring with you to get your new drivers license


Traveling Mailbox vs. Earth Class Mail

Traveling Mailbox is not as expensive as Earth Class Mail, but doesn’t come with all the perks of Earth Class Mail. I still use and recommend Traveling Mailbox as the price is lower, but if you’re looking for a more premium software and service, you should check out Earth Class Mail.


Would I Recommend Traveling Mailbox?

Yes, I highly recommend Traveling Mailbox. I use them myself. They have fast and friendly service and their support staff is quick to communicate. We’ve been getting a lot of rewards credit cards over the years too and they have been very helpful about scanning the front and back of each card and sending us pictures. We’ve never had any fraud issues doing this. Click here to get your virtual mailbox with Traveling Mailbox now.


Click Here To Get Your Virtual Office Address with Traveling Mailbox Now

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