Shopper Approved Review: Best Customer Review Software for eCommerce Stores


Customer reviews play a crucial role in growing today's business, as customer reviews greatly influence buying decisions. On average, a consumer reads not lower than seven reviews before making a purchase or acquiring a service. Today's customers crave knowledge from first-hand experiences, and they tend to find it more trustworthy than reading a business' value proposition.

Building a solid baseline of consumer reviews for your business is essential as it serves as an excellent avenue for grabbing customers' attention and consequently, increasing sales.

Customer reviews come in twos- the good and the bad. While getting a large number of good reviews is essential in building your brand's reliability, it is also significant in how you handle the bad ones in upholding your integrity.

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Shopper Approved: What is it?

Shopper Approved promises to help your business gain more reviews while providing you solutions with issues that come with it. How Shopper Approved does the work? They do it with:

Prompt Resolutions

Shopper Approved notifies you real-time if you received below a 3-star review. This modern feature lets you connect immediately with the customer to resolve the issue privately. Customers that leave bad reviews expect the company to contact them within seven days. Furthermore, this feature helps the business mitigate the negative impact while making customers feel that their feedbacks are being valued. Once the issue is resolved, the customer can now update the review rating.

In the event that the issue is not resolved directly with the customer, Shopper Approved will place a message that an attempt was made to resolve the issue. This feature shows that all concerns are being taken into account. Moreover, you can leave a public statement in response to negative reviews. This demonstrates to potential customers that you are a company of principle and ethics.

Wide Reach of Reviews

Reviews are only valid if potential customers can see them. With the biggest syndication network online, Shopper Approved helps your business get more traffic and maximum visibility. This includes big distribution channels like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and City Search.

Merchant reviews are displayed in strategic locations like Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo ad networks. At the same time, product reviews appear in Product listing ads and Google Shopping.

Shopper Approved provides you with arrays of network options to utilize and format your reviews in which you find most beneficial.


Shopper Approved requires no sign in as it is fully automated. Customers are encouraged to leave reviews immediately after completing a transaction. A customer also has an option to sync his email to receive a manual survey. Shopper Approved provides the ease of convenience and nothing else.

Shopper Approved: Other Features

In addition to these features, Shopper Approved also provides:

  • Custom seals and Certificate: lets you display high customer ratings you collected over time. Showing consistency of quality in business deliverables.
  • ‘Thank You Page’ Special Offer: gives you the opportunity for an additional purchase and repeat transactions for incremental sales.
  • Shopper Approved Facebook App: displays all reviews received on your Facebook page.
  • Review Widgets: lets you display hand-picked reviews on your site for your visitors to read while browsing your page. A strategic way of reminding customers of how good you do your business.
  • Milestone Awards: Milestone awards can be added to your website, advertisements, or even printed media to display your commitment to excellence proudly.
  • Optimized Review Pages: you can opt to use the default rating criteria or make fully customizable survey questions.

Furthermore, Shopper Approved is a proud supporter of World Teacher Aid. Getting Shopper Approved lets you become part of a more significant cause as you aid them in performing their corporate social responsibility in helping building brand new schools and providing feeding programs.

Shopper Approved Pricing

All these benefits and features Shopper Approved is promising comes at a very affordable price and in different pricing plans suitable for your needs.

They have:

  • $79 for up to 900 accumulated ratings and reviews;
  • $159 for a maximum of 2,000 accumulated ratings and reviews;
  • $319 for as much as 5,000 accumulated ratings and reviews;
  • $479 for 10,000 accumulated ratings and reviews.

You can try Shopper Approved risk-free for an entire year. Not satisfied? They will give up to three (3) times your money if they haven't wholly delivered on their promise. Guaranteed that Shopper Approved walks the talk.


How effective is Shopper Approved?

What does Shopper Approved’s promise can do to help your business? How is getting more reviews significant in boosting your sales?

As you generate more feedbacks, you also generate the opportunity of evaluating your products and services. Managing these feedbacks are crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. The keyword here is customer retention. You can only acquire new customers if you build trust and establish your credibility with your old clients. These old clients will leave good reviews after every purchase. There is nothing more trustworthy to a new client than a long time customers’ honest review.

Besides, Shopper Approved offers you one of the significant variables pivotal in purchasing decision-making – business credibility from good customer feedback.

Click Here To Set Up Shopper Approved for Your eCommerce Store

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