Top 10 Best Dropshipping Products for High-Ticket Dropshipping

These Are The Best Products For High-Ticket Dropshipping In 2020 

Hey guys, Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise. I'm super excited to bring this awesome video to you today to discuss what niches you should be selling in 2020. If this is your first time watching one of my videos, get my free high-ticket dropshipping training course and my 99 profitable niches list



The Most Ideal Niches for High-Ticket Dropshipping

I'm going to show you the top 10 best dropshipping products for high-ticket dropshipping in 2020. Super excited to get into these products, but first, I have to talk about some of the common characteristics of ideal niches, okay? And these are important to understand.


Base Models with Upgrades

The products you'll have the easiest time selling online are simple base models with upgrade potential. What I mean by simple base models is a product that doesn't have a lot of different complications. Consumers can order just one easy-to-understand product without being required to choose a bunch of different upgrade options to buy the product in the first place. This makes the buying process a lot easier. So, you want simple base models, but also you want upgrade options as well. You want to have three to five upgrade options. You can find all of these through competitor research. Look at any competitor sites, especially the older sections, and make sure that they have simple base models with upgrade potential. In other words, the upgrades aren't required to be chosen to purchase.


Recognizable Brand Names

The next most ideal niche criteria is one with recognizable brand names. Many people like to sell generic brand names, but the problem is that they're a little bit generic sometimes. The keywords can mix in with generic keywords, and as long as the brand name is a unique word, it's not a generic word, then that's enough. But we want those individual words so that we can target them with paid advertising and SEO. 


Model Names and SKU Numbers

Next, we will make sure that the niche has model names and SKU numbers for the products. This is key for targeting SEO and for paid advertising because you will be targeting the bottom of the funnel traffic with those model names and SKU numbers in various methods to get those buyers to your website to make that order. So, without model names and SKU numbers, if the product is just a generic product, then it's going to be harder to target those bottom of the funnel buyers that are ready to buy right now.


The More Complicated, The Better

Next, the more complicated, the better, honestly. There's less competition. But, they are more challenging to learn to sell and to serve, okay? So, just understand that. Complicated is not necessarily bad. Complicated products can be useful. Electronic products can be excellent, but you have to learn about them. You have to read buying guides. You have to read manuals. You have to understand the supplier's websites and how the products work together. And they're going to be more challenging to learn how they work, be able to sell, and be ready to trade with customer service support and warranty support, all that kind of stuff. So, just keep that in mind.


The Right Target Market

Next, the target market that is willing and able to pay with a credit card or a debit card for your product is the best to sell to, okay? Some target markets are, but have a subsection that isn't. And so, you have to provide financing options and things like that and get creative. But really, the target markets you want to serve are going to be willing and able to pay now with a credit card. So, you get paid right away that way, and there are no confusions. The target market that is in the baby boomer generation is the best. They're older. They've been around longer. They're not so fickle. They're not so short-sighted. Gen-X is excellent as well. But not Millenials. You don't want to sell young people because they're very fickle, they don't have a lot of money usually, and they're very impatient. 


Products with High-Profit Margins

Next, you want to sell products that have high margins. It goes without saying, but in some high-ticket niches, you find products that have little margins. It's quite strange to sell like $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, and the margin is only 15%. You need to run paid advertising to make sales. You might offer a discount. Your credit card processing company will charge you around 3%. Plus you might offer free gifts to close sales. So, high margins are required to have a profitable business, so we're looking for like somewhere between 20% to 30% gross margin (after shipping costs). Some suppliers will charge shipping on top of the product price; some will include it in the product price. Every supplier is different. It doesn't go niche by niche. So, in one niche, you might have 10 or 20 different suppliers you work with. Each one has a different type of pricing model. The highest margin products are the products you want to spend the most time optimizing and spending lots on ads.


Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP Pricing)

Next, you only want to work with suppliers and niches that have MAP pricing. Ideally, you have lots of suppliers that have MAP pricing. MAP stands for minimum advertising price, and that's what you'll see in the ads and on the product pages. MAP pricing levels the playing field, especially against more prominent older retailers that you're going to have a hard time competing with.


Lots of Potential Suppliers

Next, you want to have lots of suppliers available. You don't want to get into a niche where you only found like five suppliers, because this is not enough potential marketplace to capture. And if that's the case, then maybe combine a couple of niches in one store. Just keep in mind, it's going to be longer to build that kind of store out and take more upfront investment.


Older Industries and Technologies Are Better

Next, older industries and technologies are much better than younger ones. More budding industries and newer technologies can be complicated to serve. They might be easy to sell because it's super exciting and trendy, but providing customer service on the back end can be quite tricky. There may be a lot of issues with the product quality, and the suppliers aren't as established, so they aren't ready to provide that service. You might not have the backend of high investment, upfront capital, to cover defective products. So, keep that in mind, it's always better to be in older industries, older technologies, and things like that where the suppliers are more established. Those suppliers are more likely to have better warranty processes to serve their retailers.


Allowed To Be Advertised on Google and Facebook

And lastly, you need to be in a niche where the products can be advertised on Google Shopping and Facebook. It kind of goes without saying, right, but one of our biggest, most profitable ad revenue platforms is Google Shopping and Facebook ads as well. So, you just want to read through the Google shopping terms and make sure that the niche you're considering can be sold through Google Shopping. Make sure you understand the policies. If you want to find those, just type Google Shopping policies in Google, you'll find that pretty easily, and the same for Facebook. But just do a quick search, and make sure.


High Search Volume

It goes without saying that you need to choose a product category that's in demand if you want to have a successful business. To find out how much demand there is for a particular niche, you just need to use a keyword tool like KWFinder and type in the product category keyword. Any single product category with over 50,000 searches per month in the USA can be on its own niche site. Any category under that should be combined with other similar products on a broader but still, niche store to allow for at least a 50,000 per month search volume. You should also check Google Trends to see what the seasonality of the product category is. Seasonality isn't a bad thing, but you need to be prepared for both the high season and low season. You can also see whether the 5-year trend is up or down which should give you an idea of whether its a hot and trending niche to get into or if it is starting to die out in popularity. 

Now Let's Get Into My Top 10 Products List for High-Ticket Dropshipping


1. Kegerators

Click here to see Kegerators on Amazon

The number one niche that is pretty popular right now meets all those criteria is Kegerators. Kegerators are quite good. You'll see on the organics; you have Beverage Factory,, Home Depot, Amazon, and Best Buy, and

What you should do, though, when looking at niches, go to Shopping, and see the brands, and you'll see the sellers. And what I usually do is I look for sellers that are niche sites. Kegerator sellers are the ones I often go for. So, Keg Factory looks like one right now. So, we're just kind of take a look at their website and see. It seems like a pretty niche website. So, here we go, and do they have a physical store somewhere? I don't think so because they would have listed it somewhere here, "Hey, visit our showroom" sign, so I assume they don't. That's great. So check out this website and look into Kegs, I think they're profitable.


2. Infrared Saunas

Click here to see Infrared Saunas on Amazon

The next one is infrared saunas. Infrared saunas are quite popular, expensive, and profitable. So,, let's see. Let's look at JNH Lifestyles. I am pretty sure that's a brand selling direct. Rocky Mountain Saunas is a retailer, I think. Let's take a look. So, another one here, Home Sauna HQ, Celebration Saunas. In some niches you have a lot more niche sites than others, so you'd be able to look at some of these niche stores and get the idea. This looks like a niche store on Shopify, pretty easy. As you can see, the high price point there and the same thing here are niche stores in Shopify.


3. Steam Showers

Click here to see Steam Showers on Amazon

The next one is steam showers. So, steam showers are pretty cold. Similar to saunas, but of course, quite a bit different. Let's go Shopping. All right, Home Depot, Aquapeutics. I'm not sure precisely what that is—, probably an old e-commerce store. So, let's look more at the sellers here, look at these ticks out. Bath Vault, I know these guys, and let's see here. Let's show their store real quick. They're not just one product; they're multiple products. Let's take a look at other stuff here. Bath Parlor, let's see what that is. 

You might find niches like these that are not in niche-specific stores but are in multiple category stores only. You have to get an idea like, "Okay, I might have to do that myself then." Let's see here. Saunas and Beyond sounds like a niche store. Let's just take a look at this view right now. Right, so you have BathVault. This is BathVault and quite a successful store. There's a great history. So, you can take a look at this—Bath Parlor, definitely on the Shoptimized theme. And yeah, these guys just have a pretty cool website going on here. Let's take a look at some, their Shopify store. So, these are some high stores selling these saunas already.


4. Electric Fireplaces

Click here to see Electric Fireplaces on Amazon

The next niche is electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are pretty cool. It fits all of the criteria, so let's take a look at a few niche stores. Electric Fireplaces Depot, Fireplaces R Us might be, but it's not electric, so let's keep looking. eFireplaceStore might be one. Electric Fireplaces Direct might be a niche store, so let's take a look. We are looking for newer e-commerce stores, not the older ones. I know the people who made Modern Blaze. That's a pretty good website. I like that one a lot. These guys are doing something smart here. They're not putting people in their store; they're set up with selling directly through Google Shopping, that's like a marketplace, which is quite refreshing. But you can take a look at their store anyways. 


5. Massage Chairs

Click here to see Massage Chairs on Amazon

The next one is the massage chairs. The massage chairs are fantastic. Prominent, expensive, and easy to buy for buyers. All right, guys, so let's take a look at massage chairs and see who's selling them right now. Looks like Buy Massage Tables, and what else here? Chair Mob and Prime Massage Chairs. They're definitely Shopify stores you can extract from. 


6. Golf Simulators

Click here to see Golf Simulators on Amazon

Let's get into the next niche, golf simulators. Golf simulators are quite interesting because there are many high-priced products here and high margins. So, let's take a look at a few of the competitors there. Foresight Sports is a niche store. Four Seasons Golf Shop is a niche store as well, and they are using the Shoptimized theme. Topshelf Golf is a niche store. Lots of good things here and a great niche to look into. 


7. Massage Tables

Click here to see Massage Tables on Amazon

Next is the massage tables. It is similar to massage chairs but a little bit different target market here, so let's see if there are any massage table websites. Of course, Buy Massage Tables, we just saw them. Massage Tables Now sounds like one. Superb Massage Tables. So, let's take a look at those three. Buy Massage Tables even has electric lifting massage tables and you'll have to choose the color, cushioning, then, you can choose upgrades. Sounds a bit more involved with this, but a lot of upsell potential, a lot of upgrade potential, which is excellent. Next would be Superb Massage Tables. This is a niche store in Shopify, and you can see how there are lots of different things to choose from here.


8. Wine Coolers

Click here to see Wine Coolers on Amazon

The next niche is wine coolers. Wine coolers are profitable. They're a bit more competitive, but that doesn't mean you can't compete. So, let's just take a look at some of the websites that seem like niche stores. Wine Cooler Deals, it's great. Wine Cooler City, definitely a niche store in Shopify, so you can look at that. Wine Enthusiast, I believe, is a manufacturer or distributor selling direct. Wine Cooler Deals is actually one of my client's stores that I built for a client back in the day.


9. Humidors

Click here to see Humidors on Amazon

The next niche is humidors. Humidors are pretty unique products, and you may not know about them, but they make a good high-ticket dropshipping niche. Take a look at this one, 1st Class Humidors. It does not look like a Shopify, so that's interesting, but they are niche sites. So, let's do a little bit more digging in that niche. Find competitors that work, but it just gives me Wine Cooler City. So to find other competitors, you can use the name of the product and search it on Google. Northwoods Humidors is another one. Humidor Enthusiast, we can see they're all pretty cheap products. That is a Shopify store using the Shoptimized theme. 


10. Game Room Tables

Click here to see Game Room Tables on Amazon

The last niche is game room tables. Game Room City is pretty promising. Egametablesports is at the top of the slot for that. Secret Level Arcades looks like a niche store. Bar Store USA sounds like a niche store. Game Room Guys, Game Room Shop, Game Room World. Just Poker Tables. All right, let's take a look at all the ones we just found. Secret Level, Bar Store USA. Let's see the Shopify store, and let's look. 

They're definitely on Shopify. One way you can tell it's on Shopify is this is in the URL: /products/ or /collections/. So Game Room Shop is a store that sells game room tables. They have all these different furniture categories like decor and lighting. GameWorld Planet looks like a Shopify niche store. It's got a lot of different models. Game Table Sports are on Shopify, looks like they have just started, though, because their website is not that good.

That's the top 10 list of niches. I am just going to go over them again real quick. First is kegerators, then infrared saunas, steam showers, massage chairs, electric fireplaces, golf simulators, massage tables, wine coolers, humidors, cigar humidors, and game rooms tables.





What is High-Ticket Dropshipping and How Does It Work?

If you found this article it's probably because you typed into Google something related to high-ticket dropshipping. You may found other articles that talk about why you shouldn't do high-ticket dropshipping, but instead do price-arbitrage dropshipping, which I warn against, and you may have even found other articles that only talk about this other form of dropshipping, price-arbitrage dropshipping, where you buy from a retailer and ship to your customer. That's a different model from what we teach. I teach high-ticket dropshipping, using domestic USA-based suppliers and only shipping domestically or in some rare cases to Canada. I also only work with the brands directly and only go through distributors if I absolutely have to. Keep reading to learn more about this unique business model and why people everywhere are now deciding to stop doing regular dropshipping and do high-ticket dropshipping instead.

AliExpress Dropshipping vs. High-Ticket Dropshipping

To get a head start, read my blog article about: what high-ticket dropshipping is and how it works first. This will help you understand what is dropshipping and what are dropshipping suppliers.

Whether you are located in the USA or you doing dropshipping in the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, or south America, this training can still be relevant to you.

The method we teach how to dropship is to start your own website using Shopify (don't just do eBay dropshipping or Amazon dropshipping) and reach out to the brands of the products that your niche-site competitors list on their site to see if they will offer you an "authorized dealer" account, then ship from the manufacturer directly to your customer.

This is a special relationship where you actually get wholesale pricing and access to their full product warranty. You will still be the go-between for sales and customer service, but you will have the dropshipping companies' warranty and return policy to back up your product offering and business. If you're wondering what an "authorized dealer" is, watch my video on the subject. 


 How Long Will High-Ticket Dropshipping Last?




High Ticket Dropshipping is a very lucrative business model. The people that are getting into it are probably thinking to themselves if this is a long term sustainable business model or is this going to fade away or just a fad.

I want to go over some of the things that I learned over the past ten years of doing high ticket dropshipping and why I firmly believe that it is not just going to last but it’s going to grow like crazy in the coming decades. Now is the best time to get into it.

High ticket dropshipping has been happening before the internet. Entrepreneurs put the advertisement for a product, someone will call them on the phone to order, they will then place the order with the supplier. The supplier would then ship it to the customer. You would take payment for the customer over the phone. 

It is the same thing done with the catalog. Sears is one of the first companies to do catalog back in the 1930s and it grew like crazy. Some people get a catalog and mail it to them. You would place the order in the catalog and sent it to Sears. Sears will then go to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will ship it to the customer. This proves that dropshipping has been going on for many decades. Entrepreneurs are just using different kinds of advertisements. Dropshipping is an old business model. It has something that has a history to it which is important to start with.

Ecommerce is now a trillion-dollar industry. That means it is really intense. That is only going to grow as technology improves like smartwatches and smart TVs. We are able to buy things through advertisements in many different ways that before we were not able to do. It is making it easier for people to impulse buy things.   

However, high ticket dropshipping is not an impulse buy as it is more targeted based on the person that is being on the market to buy our product. When they are on the buying phase, that’s when you put the product in front of them. Since it is a high ticket, there’s usually a longer sales funnel approach with that. A lot of times, you need to have email marketing backing up so you can bring people back into your funnel.

Technology is improving in all different places, there will be new and better marketing automation that’s happening these days that you can use to bring people into the funnel. The software are getting better and as time goes on, this will improve and it is going to become more lucrative.

There are people think that this business model is going to decline when the economy declines. The truth is, even as the economy goes through ups and downs and booms and recession, there will always be rich people who can afford expensive things.

In bear markets, rich people get richer. They hold out their cash reserves and in a bear market, they are going to be able to purchase a lot of investments so that they can become richer when the market comes back up to normal. The smart rich become richer.

The platforms for selling and marketing products are becoming less expensive and easier to use. Making the opportunity to enter a new market with an eCommerce dropshipping store is easier than ever before.  If you ever used the internet - such as forum pr social media site maybe you have created a Facebook page. Things like that are just like making an eCommerce store. The same things apply. To add more to your skills, you can read books, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. 

Shopify is an eCommerce store building platform that is really easy to use. I highly recommend it. I use it for all of my stores now. I offer a free Shopify trial. You will get a two-week trial of Shopify. You can test it out and see what it is like to actually build a store. They have free themes and apps you can use to optimize your website.

It is a good thing to have competitors. You don’t go to a market without competition because that means there is something wrong with the products in that market or just a pain in the butt to manage the products. Set your self apart. Make your business unique and has the best deal to make your business last. You have to make your business memorable to the people. 


How To Do High-Ticket Dropshipping Profitably

Watch this video I made on how to drop ship profitably because it's super important to understand how to do it right in the beginning before you just jump into it. Don't just put up a pretty looking eCommerce store and sign up with one of the many random dropshipping sites out there because chances are, you won't be successful. People who do things like Doba dropshipping often never succeed and in this video, I talk about why. 


My Blueprint for High-Ticket Dropshipping Success


I want to talk about the best sales funnel blueprint for high ticket dropshipping. It is necessary to understand how it has to be laid out. It starts from the top goes to the middle, the bottom and then the after the sales. 

Let us start at the top. This usually has to do with the buyer's journey. The buyers start at the top, to discover the type of brand your website can offer. Knowing what buyers do first before buying a product, they usually do research on what is the best product available. It is advisable to have your own blog post or youtube video that is talking about your product. It lays out all the brands you have available on your store and all different highly reviewed and highly recommended. These should be linked to your collections product page. 

The middle of the funnel is more about the suppliers or brands of the product. You have to optimize with those brands plus category keyword. To do that, you have to create collections that include that brand and the brand products. Put content that talks about subcategory products that explains how they work. During this process, you have to capture them like a lead through your pop up on your websites. Anything that can make lead email generator like spends to win pop up or buyer’s guide pop up. When you get that email, they will be added to the promotional email list. You will send them that email after a week to understand more about your products and trust your brand. 

The bottom of the funnel is where people that are ready to buy your product. Now, they are looking for the best offer online. This is where you really have to optimize your website. You have to remember that the best offer online is going to make you win your sales.  Things that are scarcity, urgency, social proof, risk reversal, trust, and authority will add to the play plus the best offer online which are the best price, free gifts, upsells, and the product sales page that talks about all the different benefits and all the different lifestyle features of the product. It should also talk about how it is going to benefit their life and it should discuss on how to improve their livelihood or solve a problem.

All these together with your bottom line conversion optimization, content on social media, and retargeting set then you will have a really good solid bottom of the funnel. People won’t fall out fo that funnels. They will go and make the buying decision from you. 

For the upsell products, when you are on the product sales page, your buyer might want to get addons. For electric bicycle product, your buyer might want a second battery so it lasts longer, a comfortable seat and handlebars, different color, bigger tires, rear basket or rack. You want your store to be a stop shop where they can buy all that is needed to upgrade their product.  

To be able to have an ad on, you can talk with your suppliers if they have available accessories, this will also give you an idea of what accessories you should be adding to your website. If your main supplier does not have these accessories. Find a supplier that supplies accessories. You should have a dealer or wholesale account with them. Another way to sell accessories is through Aliexpress which connects you to suppliers in China. It is very profitable but just be aware of the quality. They also take a long time to be shipped to the customers. However, the things we usually do is to just go to Amazon or the main product supplier. 

Add ons can be offered on the product page or cart page as an order bump. There are apps in Shopify that will allow you to do this. It can also be offered after they bought the product by adding the buyer’s email to the email list where it will mention the product’s accessories. Upsells are the key to increase the average order value. 

The back end products are usually subscription-based like membership. You can make this by creating a separate website with a forum with a $10 a month subscription fee in order for the person to be a member of that forum. 

Remember not to close your mind off because you think that nobody is going to pay for it. There are a group of people thinks that $9 a month is not that much and if they like you and your brand, they want to be connected with like-minded in their community, and they will be willing to pay for $9 a month. Make sure to provide more value to that forum. You might want to add free facebook group subscription  

After you have given them every opportunity to buy front end products, you can offer affiliate products. This is where they have been a customer of yours. You are retargeting them o come back to your store. You will send them an offer that is relevant to them. It could be complementary products, subscriptions or memberships that are offered by other companies. You can offer extended warranties as upsells.  

Another example is a niche about stand up desk, they might also be interested with a home gym or a treadmill. To summarize, high ticket dropshipping sales funnel is really important. This is how to build a sustainable business. Make the customers return to you to raise your average order value over time.  Focus on content marketing (video-based). Build out your email marketing. Drive traffic to your website through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


High-Ticket Dropshipping Success Stories

I've been able to help many awesome entrepreneurs find success with high-ticket dropshipping. I interviewed some of them and they had some awesome stories to tell. Tune in and learn how people just like you are becoming successful with high-ticket dropshipping. 

Start Your Own Profitable High-Ticket Dropshipping eCommerce Store Today

There are many steps you'll need to take to get started. Here's a shortlist:

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