Best Press Release Distribution Services

What is a press release?   

Humanity needs information to function properly. All our lives we have been accustomed to reading or hearing news or announcements. Whenever something happens that people should be aware of, it will be communicated through news reports. Sometimes things are communicated only for the sake of selling journals or attracting listeners. Perhaps a company needs to make the public aware of a new product or service.

These types of information are commonly made available to the audience by way of a press release. The catch is that a press release needs to reach an audience. The best press release is useless if it doesn’t get seen or heard by anyone.

This is where you need to engage the top press release distribution services. These services ensure that your press release gets to the audience; more specifically, the correct audience. Let’s have a look at a selection of the best press release distribution services and what they can do for you. The list is not in any particular order.

Ein Presswire

Ein Presswire is a good choice for small businesses as they offer a low-cost service option. They distribute press releases to all the news services, journalists and influencers. Releases can be targeted to specific industries, locations or opt-in readers. Ein Presswire publish news releases globally and they work with all languages.

Publishing with Ein Presswire is simple. Write your press release and upload it to the service. Within as little as an hour your press release is distributed. You have the option to schedule a release for a specific time. The release is retained for a year for redistribution if required.


eReleases publishes to news services, industry or content related websites, journalists, bloggers and influencers and social media. The distribution is targeted to the relevant industry or product. eRelease leverages a database of journalists that guarantees effective reach.

Customers attest to their satisfaction with the service received from eReleases. The service is easy to use and results are guaranteed. Customer accounts are overseen by editors with journalism backgrounds. Content impact is assured.

On the downside, eReleases operates only within the US. Although they offer a press release writing service this comes at an additional cost and the pricing is a little on the high side. offers one of the least expensive distribution services available anywhere. They cover a wide range of industries and they publish press release on their own website as well as distribute to more that 200 news services and sites. Search engines are included in the distribution for maximum reach.

24-7pressrelease partners with Prompt Proofing to provide press release writing services or the proofread and edit press releases written by the customer. This ensures that press releases are well written and suited to the audience and distribution medium. 24-7pressrelease is geared mostly towards small businesses.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire boasts the biggest network in the industry with more than 4,000 websites, 3,000 media broadcasters and 550 content management systems. They also have a database of more than 20,000 journalists and readers that have subscribed to the service.

They have a multimedia distribution network for images and videos. This increases visibility of a press release and user engagement three-fold. PR Newswire claims to have twice the number of page views than the next highest ranked competitor.

PR web

PR Web is a sister company to PR Newswire. PR Web, however, operate only in the digital space. This is not to say that PR Web will add any less value. Digital media has more than enough presence to be a powerful tool.

PR Web distributes press releases to the news networks like Fox and CNN, as well as industry sites and media outlets like USA Today and the New York Times*. PR Web also has more than 250,000 subscribers.

Note * As quoted on


Send2Press distributes press material to a targeted audience including print and broadcast media, newsrooms and outlets. Send2Press has been providing distribution services since 1983 as part of the Neotrope stable. They service is fully staffed by current and past journalists and they also offer a writing service that promises “white hat” SEO.

Their proprietary Direct-to-Editors (trademark pending registration) ensures that press releases are accurately targeted. They have been building their contact database for more than 35 years and currently have access to more than 40,000 newsrooms, outlets and opt-in subscribers.


PRLog starts off with two free options. Something very few of the distribution services offer. The free options are both ad-supported but offer a similar level of features as some of the paid competitor offers.

The press releases are hosted on the PRLog site which has more than two million inbound links. They are also distributed to search engines, RSS feeds and an email database. The distribution is limited to one industry listing and three keywords for the Basic Plan and two industries and five keywords for the Exclusive Plan.


SBWire distributes press release to hundreds of media sites. A neat feature is that the site provides an A-to-Z guide and checklist to help users create a press release from scratch. This is useful for beginners to help them achieve the most effective press release.

Press releases are trackable and reports are available to see where the press release has been published. ReleaseWire Analytics provides statistical information about your press release so you can monitor its performance.

Their flexible payment plans include a monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-go option. All accounts are managed by a dedicated account manager providing individualized support.


Marketwired was founded in 1994. The original name was Internet Wire but this was changed to Market Wire in 2003. After two more name changes it eventually became Marketwired in 2013.

Marketwired operates globally although their reach is considered less wide than some of its competitors. Users can add multimedia and hyperlinks to press releases to increase their impact. A variety of analytical data is available on a dashboard.

The service is easy to use and customer support is highly rated by users. Distribution is accurately targeted and they achieve good results overall.


Pressat offers a number of very flexible options. Customers can choose from a pay-as-you go option that is priced per submission to a monthly or annual subscription. There is also a choice of distribution reach form a specific country to a continent to worldwide. Pricing varies based on each selected option.

Press releases are distributed through major syndication services like  ThomsonReuters, Dow Jones Factiva and Lexis Nexis where they enjoy widespread visibility. Press releases may contain embedded multimedia or attached images and file. The service offers live customer support.


NewswireJet promises distribution to more than 400 media outlets and guarantees placement with the top affiliate sites such as ABC, NBC and Google News. Reports are provided that show all the links to where the press release has been placed.

Support is provided to check press releases before distribution. There is also a writing service available at an additional cost. Three different price plans are available. The service is good for smaller businesses, a fact which they corroborate in their goal statement.


Brandpush claims to publish press releases to more than 200 news sites with more than 100 million monthly visits. This includes sites like CBS and Fox. They offer a package deal that includes a writing service. The writing service includes unlimited revisions so you can ensure that you’re 100% happy with what is finally published.

The site offers live customer service and a money back guarantee. If, for any reason they are unable to publish your press release, they will refund you in full.


As presented on their website, “iCrowdNewswire is an international digital marketing newswire, providing the best press release distribution services while deploying new AI-Driven technologies and establishing partnerships with the best in the industry”.

Their AI driven targeting allows customers to customize distribution by location and by demographics. Location can be filtered right down to a specific zip code anywhere in the world. The AI also produces automated translations into nine languages to maximize reach.

Customer service is available by phone, email or live chat on the website. Trustpilot customer satisfaction is 4.5 out of 5 with 85% of reviewers awarding a 5-star rating.

Linking News

Linking News is an online press release distributor that guarantees publication on a number of the top media outlets. They claim to “have the strongest network in the industry, with connections to over 330,000 publications, 900,000 journalists, and 90 million social media influencers around the world”.

Linking News provides a guideline for crafting a good press release. They also have more than 100 examples that customers can use as a template. Their prices are somewhat higher than many of the competitors. Price plans include a Chinese Distribution Plan which publishes to more than 200 sites in China.


GlobeNewswire publishes press releases in 92 countries and in 35 languages. They claim a network of more than 1,000 news outlets. This provides the capability for extremely accurate targeting by location, industry or media type. Multimedia items, including live streaming events, can be embedded in press releases.

Full editorial support and translation services are offered around the clock. Newswire Analytics are available immediately after publication of the press release. Here you can view a live dashboard with various performance statistics.    


Newswire can reach more than 8,000 news sites and has a database of 1.8 million contacts. Targeting is, therefore, as flexible as you want it to be. You can select from a number of distribution options locally as well as globally. They have a dedicated financial distribution option too.

Where applicable they help to ensure regulatory compliance. Press releases include up to 500 words, a feature image and up to six hyperlinks. For financial releases, the word count increases to 1,200. Unit pricing reduces for multiple release orders.


ContentGrow has a slightly different model to the traditional press release services. This is a platform that connects brands and publishers to freelance specialist journalists. The benefit here is that the journalist is usually a seasoned player in their particular segment and they understand what the news outlets will be interested in.

Several of the best press release services partner with ContentGrow to tap into the wealth of specialist reporting talent that the platform offers. For brands and publishers, ContentGrow offers an economical, yet scalable, option for highly specialized content.


Prowly is a surprisingly small team of people that do a large number of things. Numbering only 43 people at the time of writing, the team deliver a range of services from creating press releases to ensuring optimum targeting for the most effective pitch. From a database of more than a million media contacts to a CRM system for press release management.

Prowly offer a 7-day free trial with no upfront commitment. Thereafter they offer two plans; Essential for small businesses and freelancers and Professional for larger clients and agencies.

PR Underground

PR Underground is a relatively affordable press release service that distributes to more than 80 syndicated media sites and to social media. The news outlets include all the big names like CBS, Fox and Google News. Payment plans range from a single once-off release to six monthly releases on a recurring basis.

All releases are SEO optimized and ad free. They permit images, embedded and links. Clients have individual customized newsrooms where their releases are managed. PDF reports provide all the links to the published release.


Presswire offers global coverage and compliance with all regulatory requirements in any jurisdiction where press releases are published. Customers can access their database of 850,000 media contacts and upload their own contacts to make distribution of messages more efficient.

Presswire offer targeted release to the most relevant journalists. Filtering of mailing lists is performed individually for each press release. Press release can be targeted to specific continents or be published worldwide.

Tracking reports provide details of recipients that have opened the message and also any actions taken. Full contact details of the recipient are included enabling effective follow up.


With a broad overview of the best pr distribution services, you should now be in a position to make an informed choice. Bear in mind, though, that not every user will look at the same criteria when trying to choose a service provider.

The distribution plans cover a vast range of prices from free to free-to-try, to quite expensive. And everywhere in between. From your local town zip code to worldwide. There are many databases of contacts that can be mined in different ways.

We strongly suggest that you use the reviews above to short-list a few of the services and then do your own detailed research on them in order to get the best fit. Remember, a press release is of no use if it doesn’t get seen by the correct audience. Ten targeted and relevant messages will have far more impact than a thousand random messages scattered as if from a shotgun.

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